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Cleaning Off My Desk February 16, 2010

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Last week I bought these fabulous bags at Costco and I briefly mentioned them in this post. They really deserve a whole post. And to top it off you’re getting a two-fer “works for me” this week!

I love these bags. They come in a pack of 4 – two large and two small. Though as you can tell the small ones are not really small.

They are very sturdy and strong. They’re made of a type of vinyl material. The label just says 100% recyclable.

We put our Costco items in the bags to cart them home and these bags can hold some weight!!

The big bags have two sets of straps as Hannah is demonstrating to you. And the smaller bags have two bottle holders on the inside. Very nice! I’m definitely taking these grocery shopping with me next time.

Oh my. Look at my desk. It’s a terrible mess. It’ll take forever to get through that pile and company is on the way.

No need to grab a laundry basket like before. I’m grabbing a Costco bag. They’re sturdy and HUGE enough for this mess!!

Look how clean my desk is now and it only took 10 seconds! Don’t mind the full bag. It really will be easy to go through…another day.

These reusable bags work for me…for grocery shopping, carrying books from the library, taking toys for an outing, and even for cleaning off my desk!


Military Homecomings – Part 2

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This post is a continuation from yesterday’s post.

In our family, Roy is the head. I am his helpmeet. We are both needed, but we have separate roles. My main role is taking care of the home and the children. His main role is to be the provider. Of course there are lots of other things in there, but that is the main gist. When he is home though, he makes decisions with me and I consider him when I’m making decisions when he is not home. He plays and interacts with the children each night. We’re so close to his work, that he comes home most days for lunch. I love that part of living here.

When he’s home (not on deployment) he takes care of so many things. Like the cars, and insurance, and he’ll run errands for me. He’s very active in our son’s Cub Scout Pack. Day in and day out there are just so many little things that he does for us. And when he is gone, all of that falls on me. He is still our provider, being a Marine, and earning his paycheck. But he isn’t here.

While he’s gone I still try to consider what he would have me do, or what his wishes would be concerning a matter. But I try to not bother him with mundane things each day. For example, I wouldn’t email him about Alex hitting someone and asking him what to do. Just like any other day, I just take care of it. But not having him here in the evenings to talk about those things is difficult also.

Also, I tend to become more independent while he’s gone. I spend more time with friends. I spend more time on the computer! I sleep in weird shifts. I don’t cook as much.

As the time approaches when he’ll be returning home, I must begin to make adjustments in my thinking. I want him to know that I still consider him the head of our household. I know there will be some awkward moments as he interacts with the kids and with me. But knowing that each of us is committed to our marriage and our family does make that easier!

As the day approaches for him to return home, I look at our picture more and more. It sits on the dresser in the bedroom. I’m anxious for him to hold me. I’m anxious to not feel the stress of being the ONE responsible for the children.

But mostly I start thinking about how I’d really like to take a vacation alone after he gets home. Do you think he’ll let me????

Part 3 tomorrow…. (I started writing this whole thing and realized how long it was and that’s why I’m breaking it up!)


Blog Trail Tuesday – Feb 16 February 15, 2010

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Have you ever clicked on a blog, only to be led to another blog, and then another, and another? Here’s your time to share some of those blogs with us! Share one or share many. Share one you’ve loved for a time or share one that’s new to you. Tell us why you like it. Help us spread the blog love!!

This week I want to share about Love of Paper. She’s just barely gotten started, and I thought we could give her some comment love! Doesn’t she have cute scrapbook pages?? Check out this countdown to Christmas that she made!

Now it’s your turn!

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2. Do a post on your blog about another blog.

3. Please link back to Blog Trail Tuesday!

4. Then come here, and add your link to the McLinky below. Be sure to add the link to the specific post – not your home page.

5. Finally, check out everyone else’s links!


Military Homecomings – Part 1

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Even thinking of those words brings up emotions inside of me that I don’t how to label. We had a strange deployment in 2002-03 that was supposed to be for 3 months or so and ended up being 345 days long. We didn’t plan for the deployment very well at all! We thought it was going to be short.

By the time Roy got home, I didn’t want him out of my sight. And I cried AFTER he got home…a lot! It was such a relief to have him home.

This last deployment came up unexpectedly but it was a “routine” deployment. He’d be gone for 7 months or so. We’d have phone calls and emails. I entered into the deployment with sadness at the life he would miss with us, and yet with resolve, in that I married a Marine and knew what I was getting myself into.

Before he left, we headed to Sears and got pictures taken of him with each of the children as well as some family ones. Then I took one of each and turned it into a 10×10 photo and framed them for each child. We set those pictures prominently on display so the children (especially the little girls) could see him every day.

I also videotaped Roy reading some books and put those on my desktop for easy access for the children to watch him whenever they wanted.

Towards the end of the deployment we were able to Skype with him and that was really helpful, especially for the little ones. They would just stand here mesmerized at being able to see him.

While Roy is gone, I get used to doing to my own thing in the evenings. Mostly I try to keep the kids on the same schedule, doing the same sorts of things. I don’t let up on discipline or bed times. But meals are different, more simple, life is just .. a little different. Because it was over the summer we spent a lot of time going to the pool and hanging out with friends. As the homecoming approached, I had to think about how I could easily relinquish the “control” back to him.

Homecoming Part 2 tomorrow…..


Happy Valentine’s Day, Roy February 14, 2010

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Roy just came home from a weekend Cub Scout winter camp where he and Matthew had a blast. While he’s napping, I’m reading blogs, and I came across one that posted this video:

“Family Man” from Trevor Little on Vimeo.

Watch it. You’ll be so blessed.

“Traded in my mustang for a mini van.”

“Saving my vacation time for Disneyland.”

“So much better than…..because I am a family man.”

Thank you, Roy, for being a family man. For loving and serving our family. For putting up with me. For the little moments that really count even when I act like they don’t. And even for the time away from us because it means you’re doing your job and supporting your country. We love you! Happy Valentine’s Day.


Good Reading February 12, 2010

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Nothing like sharing a good book with Hannie (my mom). This was from August 2009.


Making a Costco List

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Do you shop at a warehouse store? We did have membership to Sam’s Club (in Utah) at one point, but then we moved (to California) and let the membership lapse. When we got to Virginia we decided to join a warehouse club again and Costco was closer. Now (back in California) Costco and Sam’s Club are across the street from one another but we still have our Costco membership and just go there.

I don’t always make a list before I go but I did this time to make sure I didn’t miss any essentials. We were stocking up on everything!

Our rolling cart was pretty full. The cashier asked if this was a once-a-month shopping. We have 5 children at home but we don’t go through these items that fast!! We said about every 3 or 4 months for some items. It just happened that we needed everything and we really stocked up this time!

toilet paper – LOVE LOVE the Kirkland brand
paper towels
laundry detergent
dish wash soap
dishwasher detergent
cleaning wipes
paper plates
paper cups
garbage bags

I also had pillows and sheets on my list and was able to get them there.

And in our wanderings – because you must go up and down each aisle – what else did we pick up?

couple kid workbooks
juice – lots of juice – I don’t buy it that often but they had a great deal this time.
Aveeno lotion – my favorite
Costco bags – “Think Green” I love these bags! They are huge and really sturdy and not that weird fabric that some of the reusable grocery bags are made out of. Oh how I love these. I forgot about them already. I went grocery shopping and forgot them. Oops. I need to put them in the van so I don’t forget.

We don’t get cold items there because it takes us over an hour to get home and we had other shopping to do in the area. Actually because of the distance we hesitated about whether or not to renew our membership. The truth is, I love their toilet paper that much. So much I’m willing to drive to buy it. I buy a lot when we go.

In fact long ago I blogged about their toilet paper. Let me see if I can find it. I found it!! Don’t comment on it. That blog is long dead. But it gives you an idea of how much I love their toilet paper and probably how much I am a creature of habit.

Do you shop at a warehouse store? Which one? What are some of your favorite things to get there?