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Thursday Tips – Laundry February 17, 2010

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Welcome to Thursday Tips!! I hope you’ll join us each Thursday to share tips that work or have worked in your life. Tips are hints or ideas. They are basic, practical facts. I’d love to hear yours!!

Does your laundry area/room look like this?? It doesn’t have to!

Teach your children to sort their laundry for you. I use laundry baskets with the categories written on them.

Currently my 5 year old gathers laundry and my 8 year old sorts. But everyone is responsible for sorting their laundry if they take it in there. There is also a basket labeled socks and underwear but I’m not going to show you that one!!

I love the laundry being sorted into baskets. When it’s time for me to do a load, I can just pick up a basket and dump its contents into the washing machine.

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