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Making a Costco List February 12, 2010

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Do you shop at a warehouse store? We did have membership to Sam’s Club (in Utah) at one point, but then we moved (to California) and let the membership lapse. When we got to Virginia we decided to join a warehouse club again and Costco was closer. Now (back in California) Costco and Sam’s Club are across the street from one another but we still have our Costco membership and just go there.

I don’t always make a list before I go but I did this time to make sure I didn’t miss any essentials. We were stocking up on everything!

Our rolling cart was pretty full. The cashier asked if this was a once-a-month shopping. We have 5 children at home but we don’t go through these items that fast!! We said about every 3 or 4 months for some items. It just happened that we needed everything and we really stocked up this time!

toilet paper – LOVE LOVE the Kirkland brand
paper towels
laundry detergent
dish wash soap
dishwasher detergent
cleaning wipes
paper plates
paper cups
garbage bags

I also had pillows and sheets on my list and was able to get them there.

And in our wanderings – because you must go up and down each aisle – what else did we pick up?

couple kid workbooks
juice – lots of juice – I don’t buy it that often but they had a great deal this time.
Aveeno lotion – my favorite
Costco bags – “Think Green” I love these bags! They are huge and really sturdy and not that weird fabric that some of the reusable grocery bags are made out of. Oh how I love these. I forgot about them already. I went grocery shopping and forgot them. Oops. I need to put them in the van so I don’t forget.

We don’t get cold items there because it takes us over an hour to get home and we had other shopping to do in the area. Actually because of the distance we hesitated about whether or not to renew our membership. The truth is, I love their toilet paper that much. So much I’m willing to drive to buy it. I buy a lot when we go.

In fact long ago I blogged about their toilet paper. Let me see if I can find it. I found it!! Don’t comment on it. That blog is long dead. But it gives you an idea of how much I love their toilet paper and probably how much I am a creature of habit.

Do you shop at a warehouse store? Which one? What are some of your favorite things to get there?


Search Engine Terms February 8, 2010

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I love that WordPress tells me what search engine terms people have used that has ultimately led them to click on my blog. Most of them I can understand. Such as:

base housing at 29 palms
how is living in 29 palms
twentynine palms base housing
twentynine palms base housing photos
pictures of base housing twentynine palm
on base housing twentynine palms
twentynine palms base housing
29 Palms homeschooling.

and other variations of the above. Every day there are at least 5 searches for something about housing or living in 29 Palms, and that was even when I wasn’t blogging!!

I do have a lot of pictures of base housing here at 29 Palms on my blog. I hope to post more about 29 Palms! I love sharing about our small town and all the things I love about it. And also there are the frequent searches for homeschooling. I have a neat story to tell about that. (Writing that future blog post note in my notebook.

I’m just always surprised by some of the searches:

where to buy milita coffee pots
Did my post about my coffee maker come up?
kitchens in 1967
Seriously?? I can’t even fathom what I have talked about that made my blog show up for that one!
nachos pioneer woman
Okay, I did review The Pioneer Woman’s Cowboy Nachos and I do get this “search” once in a while.
first notice of action
What? What is that?? LOL
sizzling mushroom
I can’t stop laughing about that one. I hate mushrooms and until today I can’t imagine that I’ve talked about them!
roy and melissa
Love it!!! We are Roy and Melissa. That search prompted me to see if I could have a webpage by that name but instead I found Roy and Melissa who are getting married and they’re so cute and I just had to leave them a comment.
white countertop and grey cupboard

pros of growing up in a military family
I’ll have to blog about that one!
smittenkitchen marthastewart
I did post about this after I had made her Peanut Butter Cake which is seriously the best cake I’ve ever had.
bingonight usa
Where are these people searching?? One time I posted about Bingo Night here on the base.
atlantis ride sea world
LOL And again. One time I posted about Sea World. I don’t understand how this searching works sometimes. LOL Oh wait! it was twice!
pictures of the barracks at 29 palms
I have not done pictures of those! To whoever searched for that, I will attempt to do that soon.
11th birthday
Seriously? That one came up TWICE!!
army base housing twentynine palms,calif
This is a Marine Corps base!
the biggest kitchen ever
Probably not the biggest kitchen ever, but it’s certainly the biggest kitchen I’ve ever had!
crispy chip chicken
We made this!
pinewood derby 29 palms
That’s awesome! Really. Our oldest son is a Bear in Cub Scouts and his brother will be a Tiger next year. My husband is the Pack Trainer and Outdoor Activities Chair and I’m the Committee Chair. This search excited me. 🙂
is the 29 palms golf course nice
I don’t golf. I wouldn’t know. I have avoided that area of base.
what are those shabby houses outside of
LOL Really??

Have you checked lately to see what search terms brought readers to your blog?? I’d love to hear aobut them!


Friday Wrap Up February 5, 2010

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Last week I mentioned I was having a sewing bee over here. It turned out great and I got a lot accomplished! We’re hoping to do another one this month.

Then on Saturday was our Cub Scout Pack’s Pinewood Derby. I need to blog about that soon! Sunday we went for a hike in Joshua Tree National Park. I haven’t blogged about that either!

I did blog about my new coffee maker though! I mentioned it a few weeks ago. And that is my kitchen it’s sitting in!!

Yesterday I rearranged my living room. This shouldn’t surprise anyone that knows me. I think it’s in its 10th layout since we moved in 18 months ago. LOL I really like this one though! LOL Since we should be in this house until April 2012 I really do want to paint in here. Now that I’ve made the tablecloth and chair covers I’d like to get curtains done and give some character to these rooms. Our living room, dining room, and kitchen are open to each other and I’d like to tie them together more.

Tomorrow we’re going shopping in the “big city.” Going to stock up at Costco, get new glasses for Matthew, go to Joann fabrics for more FABRIC, and hopefully look at chairs for the living room. We’re going to get a club chair or some other type of chair that will be comfortable and not broken like the current one in there!

I pray you all have a great weekend! I’m leaving you with this shot of my youngest. I was taking pictures of my notebook and she said, “Me! Me!” and then after I took it she wanted to see it in the view finder. LOL She had a delightful morning coloring on herself with (thankfully) washable markers!


The Lazy Man’s Coffee Maker

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*I mentioned my coffeemaker in this post and decided it was time to expand on my beloved coffee maker.

The Lazy Man’s Coffee Maker, otherwise known as my Keurig machine, otherwise known as the BEST COFFEE MAKER EVER!!!

Let me share with you the wonderfulness of my coffee maker that my most wonderful husband, Roy, bought for me. (I think it was really for both of us since he uses it just as much as I do!)

This is the machine.

This tells me the water is hot and ready to brew. It heats the water at 192 degrees for a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.

This is the basket I keep on the counter with the K-Cups in it. It makes it easy for guests to look through and pick a coffee they might like. Now that Roy and I have been trying some samples, we know what other kinds we want to buy. There will always be a variety of choices in there.

Here’s the one I chose today. Newman’s Extra Bold. Deeee-licious!

Open the top of the machine and set the K-cup inside it’s spot. Close the top. See the water on the left. We have a mid-size Keurig. It holds enough for about 6 cups of coffee..I think. I can’t remember. When it’s getting low the machine blinks and you pour in more water. It keeps the water heated and ready at all times. Though we have the timer set to turn off the machine at night and turn back on in time for our morning coffee.

Then I set my cup in place and press the button to start brewing. There are 3 sizes; they are approximately 6oz, 8oz, and 10oz. Usually I just do the 10oz size for this big huge cup I do the medium size (8oz), and then do the small size (6oz) also. One K-cup can handle that just fine.

It’s brewing!!

The machine puts a little hole in the top and bottom of the cup and that’s how the water flows through. Inside the cup is a small cone filter.

I think today I’ll use Creme Brulee creamer.

What’s in your coffee???

I’m linking up with Finer Things Friday because my coffee maker is a fine thing. The coffee is better than I’ve ever had, and while it may be a lazy way, it is definitely a fine way!!


Public Service Announcement February 4, 2010

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Please. Please. Pretty please. Turn off your word verification.

I want to comment on your blog. I really do. Because see… I said If I read, I comment.

But you make it so difficult.

Especially when I’ve already commented, entered my personal information, and hit submit and THEN a word verification box comes up. Really?

For my own mental health, I’m just not going to bother. I just tried to comment on a blog just now – it had a fabulous recipe. I wanted to thank the poster! And that pesky word verification came up that I couldn’t seem to get right.

So no more. I’m on a one woman mission to wipe out word verification.

Oh wait. I’m not the only one that thinks out. Check out some of the blogging tips that over 300 people left. I’ve only read about 60 so far but it’s amazing how MANY people mention word verification. 😉

I think I’ll keep a tally. I love reading blogs and I will 85% of the time comment on those blogs. But no more! If you have word verification, I’m moving on.

Thank you. Have a good day.

Disclaimer: This blog reflects Melissa’s feelings all the time including today but she means no offense. Really.

Today’s Blogs I Didn’t Comment On – or rather attempted to comment but they don’t want my comment:


Coffee Time – 1/29 January 29, 2010

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Welcome to the Coffee Girls and everyone else! I’ve had so much fun this week with blogging. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. I’m glad to be back at it!

Just a quick recap of our week. On Monday we went to the Children’s Museum in Palm Desert for the morning. The kids had a great time with the other homeschoolers from our group. Afterwards my friend Tina and I took the kids to Sonic. Oh I love their limeades!! Then we headed to Joann Fabrics for some inspiration. I purchased fabric for a new tablecloth and chair covers and she got fabric to cover her living room pillows.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were typical school days. Chores. School. Play. BLOG!

Today is Friday and I’m looking forward to the day so much! The kids and I will head to the park for our weekly homeschool group park day. And afterwards a few of the ladies and their children are coming back to our house for the afternoon. We’re having a Sewing Bee! Each lady is bringing her machine and a project and we’re going to spend some good time getting our projects done, drinking coffee, and talking. Oh the talking. I can’t wait! I’ll take pictures and share them with you!

I’ll share our projects too! I’m looking forward to getting the tablecloth done and my new chair covers put on the chairs. Hope you all have a great weekend. Our Cub Scout Pack’s Pinewood Derby is Saturday afternoon and my children are really looking forward to that. And then worship on Sunday. The best day of the week.

God Bless!


Weight Loss Blog January 26, 2010

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I’m not going to share all the sordid details on this blog, however suffice to say that I need to lose weight. Two of my friends, Mandy and Tawna, also need to lose weight. So we have joined up together to blog about our journeys.

I hope you’ll check us out (add us to your feed reader!) as we get real with our struggles and our journey to lose 100 pounds each.