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Pinewood Derby – Preparations February 3, 2010

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Earlier in the month we had a workshop  down at the Scout Hut. It was a time when the Cub Scouts could come down, use templates if needed, and get some help on cutting out their cars for the upcoming Pinewood Derby.

We didn’t have a huge turnout for the workshop, but we don’t do it for the masses. We mostly do it for those boys whose dads are deployed and whose moms might need some assistance with how to do this car building thing.  We also had a couple new families come by…when new families join Cub Scouts most don’t even know what  Pinewood Derby is!

Roy was the official cutter as the boys aren’t allowed to use power tools (except a Dremel) while at a Cub Scout function.

Roy also had some hand saws, files, and sand paper for the boys to use themselves.

See our red Pack t-shirts?? Aren’t they fabulous?! I’ll share pictures from the Pinewood Derby in a few days!


I Love a Man…er Boy…in Uniform! December 17, 2008

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Raingutter Regatta October 30, 2008

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Our Cub Scout Pack had a Regatta last Saturday. My kids were so excited! Last year our pack in Virginia did a Pinewood Derby and the kids had a great time making their cars and then racing them. The Regatta Kits are boats..with rudders and sails. They painted them and put them together. The kits are nice and easy..right up my alley. Though I did nothing. Ha! Roy worked with them.

The Raingutters are filled with water and 2 boys race at a time. They blow on their sails and race the boats to the end of the gutters. It was a double elimination and then some. The boys got to race lots and lots!

Matthew won first place in his den. Samantha won first place out of the siblings. Alex had to be held up to race. It was so cute!! All the kids had a great time and it was fun to cheer everyone on.

You can see our Cubmaster in the background. She has a costume for everything! Our Scout Hut is a good sized warehouse building. It’s wonderful to have a place to have meetings and all of the various events. No reserving a space…no major setting up and taking down…it’s all right there. We’re very thankful for it!