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Military Homecomings – Part 1 February 15, 2010

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Even thinking of those words brings up emotions inside of me that I don’t how to label. We had a strange deployment in 2002-03 that was supposed to be for 3 months or so and ended up being 345 days long. We didn’t plan for the deployment very well at all! We thought it was going to be short.

By the time Roy got home, I didn’t want him out of my sight. And I cried AFTER he got home…a lot! It was such a relief to have him home.

This last deployment came up unexpectedly but it was a “routine” deployment. He’d be gone for 7 months or so. We’d have phone calls and emails. I entered into the deployment with sadness at the life he would miss with us, and yet with resolve, in that I married a Marine and knew what I was getting myself into.

Before he left, we headed to Sears and got pictures taken of him with each of the children as well as some family ones. Then I took one of each and turned it into a 10×10 photo and framed them for each child. We set those pictures prominently on display so the children (especially the little girls) could see him every day.

I also videotaped Roy reading some books and put those on my desktop for easy access for the children to watch him whenever they wanted.

Towards the end of the deployment we were able to Skype with him and that was really helpful, especially for the little ones. They would just stand here mesmerized at being able to see him.

While Roy is gone, I get used to doing to my own thing in the evenings. Mostly I try to keep the kids on the same schedule, doing the same sorts of things. I don’t let up on discipline or bed times. But meals are different, more simple, life is just .. a little different. Because it was over the summer we spent a lot of time going to the pool and hanging out with friends. As the homecoming approached, I had to think about how I could easily relinquish the “control” back to him.

Homecoming Part 2 tomorrow…..


4 Responses to “Military Homecomings – Part 1”

  1. Cathy Oury Says:

    Melissa, Im so glad you posted this! I keep wondering to myself, how did Melissa do it, all the months that Roy was gone and how can I sit here, affraid of being away from my husband for any length of time, when I know he will be safe and just a few hours (by flight) away. I know God will help us over the next few months, get through the difficulty of be away from each other and I know that in the end, it will just allow us to love each other that much more.

    • Melissa Says:

      Cathy, I really attribute my “surviving” it to our faith in God. The kids and I were faithful in our church attendance and that helped tremendously. The other people at church were so wonderful and kind. I also got together with others often. We were always having people over to our house and that helped not only with keeping the house clean but also with my state of mind. You’re going to do great!!!

  2. Mandy Says:

    I’m so glad you are sharing your story. I love those pictures!

  3. […] post is the final in a 4 part series about Roy’s homecoming last September. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. When we had gone down the field, the buses had just arrived on base. However, the […]

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