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Making a Costco List February 12, 2010

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Do you shop at a warehouse store? We did have membership to Sam’s Club (in Utah) at one point, but then we moved (to California) and let the membership lapse. When we got to Virginia we decided to join a warehouse club again and Costco was closer. Now (back in California) Costco and Sam’s Club are across the street from one another but we still have our Costco membership and just go there.

I don’t always make a list before I go but I did this time to make sure I didn’t miss any essentials. We were stocking up on everything!

Our rolling cart was pretty full. The cashier asked if this was a once-a-month shopping. We have 5 children at home but we don’t go through these items that fast!! We said about every 3 or 4 months for some items. It just happened that we needed everything and we really stocked up this time!

toilet paper – LOVE LOVE the Kirkland brand
paper towels
laundry detergent
dish wash soap
dishwasher detergent
cleaning wipes
paper plates
paper cups
garbage bags

I also had pillows and sheets on my list and was able to get them there.

And in our wanderings – because you must go up and down each aisle – what else did we pick up?

couple kid workbooks
juice – lots of juice – I don’t buy it that often but they had a great deal this time.
Aveeno lotion – my favorite
Costco bags – “Think Green” I love these bags! They are huge and really sturdy and not that weird fabric that some of the reusable grocery bags are made out of. Oh how I love these. I forgot about them already. I went grocery shopping and forgot them. Oops. I need to put them in the van so I don’t forget.

We don’t get cold items there because it takes us over an hour to get home and we had other shopping to do in the area. Actually because of the distance we hesitated about whether or not to renew our membership. The truth is, I love their toilet paper that much. So much I’m willing to drive to buy it. I buy a lot when we go.

In fact long ago I blogged about their toilet paper. Let me see if I can find it. I found it!! Don’t comment on it. That blog is long dead. But it gives you an idea of how much I love their toilet paper and probably how much I am a creature of habit.

Do you shop at a warehouse store? Which one? What are some of your favorite things to get there?


13 Responses to “Making a Costco List”

  1. Mandy Says:

    When we had our Costco Membership, I used to keep a cooler in the back of the van. I never went straight home from Costco and it was close by. Anyway, I’d pick up a bag of ice and be set for the day. Frozen foods on bottom, milk, then eggs. It worked perfectly even in the 100deg weather here. I love Costco. We are thinking of renewing our membership.

    • Nadine Says:

      I was also going to suggest a cooler. When I do my long-haul shopping, I load up a cube cooler without ice, and it’s good all day.

  2. Sharon Says:

    There isn’t a CostCo near us; we use Sam’s. We have a small list of items we get from there regularly. Our membership pays for itself in feeding a family of 9. I would love to try CostCo one day.

  3. Karen Says:

    Oh my goodness Melissa,
    for some reason I could not stop reading your about your costco adventure. how funny.

  4. Dawn Says:

    Costco! We just renewed our membership and got the Executive Card this time (hubbahubba) because we found out with the money we spent last year, we’d have gotten a nice $61 check in the mail from Costco had we been Exec members. Since that pays for the cost of Exec plus $11 for a few Starbucks drinks, we splurged.

  5. Kelly Says:

    We don’t have Costco, so we go to Sam’s. We don’t go often and a lot of times, Kev will go with just a kid or two. I think I go a couple of times a year maybe. We buy milk, eggs, meat, cheese, carrots and then stuff like diapers, toilet paper, dish detergent, etc. We don’t usually get their produce as it’s often higher than the other grocery stores around and we don’t eat things like chips, crackers, sodas…packaged stuff (not much anyway) so it’s mostly just paper/cleaning products and a few grocery items.

  6. Lisa Says:

    Yep.. we are Costco shoppers here. Ours in a mere ten minutes away, so I always stock up on meats like roasts and flank steak for the crockpot, chicken thighs and chicken tenderloins. Plus we get avocados and clementines and fresh pineapple from there as well. I love their Kirkland brand toilet paper as well!

  7. Shannan Says:

    Definately a Costco family! We are also HUGE fans of the Kirkland brand TP and sometimes drive the hour + JUST to get that. (We also considered not renewing our membership when we moved up here because of the drive but the TP was the deciding factor.) There are plenty of other things that we routinely get from Costco and have found that on most items the Kirkland brand is just as good as the name brand. Some of our regular items are TP, paper towels, laundry soap, cleaning wipes and coffee (all Kirkland brand). There are some snacks we get too like the Kirkland trail mix, dried mangos, dried apricots, and various nuts.

    • Amber Says:

      I am LOL at your post about toilet paper! I have never thought to blog about T.P so that is a first! Thanks for stopping by my blog! BTW I am in the same county as you 😀

  8. Cyndy Says:

    Laugh out loud funny! Cracked me up! I LOVE the Jalapeno Artichoke dip from Costco! That’s my favorite thing there! Also, it’s a great place to get socks and sports bras! : )

    So on a more serious note, I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your blog. I’m so glad that you started it back up because I miss you SOOOOOOOOO much and when I read these I feel like we are having a conversation!!! LOVE YOU!!!! And thanks for sharing with me!!

  9. Kim Says:

    Yep, we shop at Sam’s. It was here before Costco and we’ve never bothered to change. 🙂 I, too, love Aveeno lotion.
    Praising Him,

  10. I take 3 coolers in the back of my suburban — because COSTCO is 1 hour from my home. BUT — that’s everything… everything is an hour from my home. I really need to save the money by shopping COSTCO.. thus — I take the coolers. Cottage cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, cheese, milk… all those are cooler items which I save a TON of money one. Butter, margarine… what else? Sometimes pudding. Sometimes cookie dough. LOL

    So — I’d keep going if I were you.

    Jalapeno Artichoke dip from Costco — remember this? I just opened it — and my cat ate it. Stupid cat… sorta ruined it for me.

    Ohh… I’ve never tried to Kirkland coffee… I just sent hubby to the store for the Folgers coffee with the coupon. I’m laughing because he only took the car — and he’s to bring home TP and Paper towels + one months grocery items. LOL I should take a picture when he gets home. Ü

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