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The Lazy Man’s Coffee Maker February 5, 2010

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*I mentioned my coffeemaker in this post and decided it was time to expand on my beloved coffee maker.

The Lazy Man’s Coffee Maker, otherwise known as my Keurig machine, otherwise known as the BEST COFFEE MAKER EVER!!!

Let me share with you the wonderfulness of my coffee maker that my most wonderful husband, Roy, bought for me. (I think it was really for both of us since he uses it just as much as I do!)

This is the machine.

This tells me the water is hot and ready to brew. It heats the water at 192 degrees for a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.

This is the basket I keep on the counter with the K-Cups in it. It makes it easy for guests to look through and pick a coffee they might like. Now that Roy and I have been trying some samples, we know what other kinds we want to buy. There will always be a variety of choices in there.

Here’s the one I chose today. Newman’s Extra Bold. Deeee-licious!

Open the top of the machine and set the K-cup inside it’s spot. Close the top. See the water on the left. We have a mid-size Keurig. It holds enough for about 6 cups of coffee..I think. I can’t remember. When it’s getting low the machine blinks and you pour in more water. It keeps the water heated and ready at all times. Though we have the timer set to turn off the machine at night and turn back on in time for our morning coffee.

Then I set my cup in place and press the button to start brewing. There are 3 sizes; they are approximately 6oz, 8oz, and 10oz. Usually I just do the 10oz size for this big huge cup I do the medium size (8oz), and then do the small size (6oz) also. One K-cup can handle that just fine.

It’s brewing!!

The machine puts a little hole in the top and bottom of the cup and that’s how the water flows through. Inside the cup is a small cone filter.

I think today I’ll use Creme Brulee creamer.

What’s in your coffee???

I’m linking up with Finer Things Friday because my coffee maker is a fine thing. The coffee is better than I’ve ever had, and while it may be a lazy way, it is definitely a fine way!!


9 Responses to “The Lazy Man’s Coffee Maker”

  1. Conni Says:

    How funny! We have the exact same coffeemaker. I bought it for my husband, and gave it to him for Christmas while he was home on R&R. He’ll enjoy it again when he gets home. I bought the little attachement, so I can make whatever coffee I want it in. I am really picky about my coffee. So I buy my favorite organic, and I make it in the Keurig. We actually save money that way, because there is no left-over coffee in the pot, being poured down the drain. My boys like using it to make hot water for their cocoa. I don’t buy the K-cups very often.

    BTW, I removed my CAPTCHA on my blog πŸ˜‰

  2. Kelly Says:

    Almost makes me want to start drinking coffee again. Almost.

  3. Sharon Says:

    If I liked coffee, this might appeal to me, lol.

  4. Sherry Says:

    Yum! Love me some java! I need a new coffee maker, too. πŸ˜€

  5. Dawn Says:

    Paul Newman has a coffee line? Well I’ll be!

    I had Don Francisco Espresso coffee today (mmm) with sugar and my new find, Caramel Macchiato creamer.

    Do you think it’s bad that my coffee has more calories in it than my breakfast?

  6. alexis Says:

    I used to have the keurig, but went back to my bean-grinder machine. Keurig just wasn’t strong enough for me. But I did like that it made coffee in about a minute!

    Oh, and I had “Parisian Almond Creme” in my pot o’ java this AM!

  7. It’s kind of space-age, like Jetsons in your own home!
    Thanks for lining up with Finer Things Friday!
    πŸ˜‰ Katie

  8. Cyndy Says:

    Since I’ve experienced your EXACT machine in my household, I do have to admit that it is FABULOUS! And I think of it everytime I am cleaning ALL of the pieces of mine every weekend. UGH! Josh came home from Costco yesterday and mentioned that it was $120 there… hmmm… maybe someday. I’ll settle for mine, FOR NOW!!! : )

  9. Kelly Says:

    It worked. I’m drinking coffee again. Now I want one.

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