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Public Service Announcement February 4, 2010

Filed under: Random — Melissa @ 2:44 pm

Please. Please. Pretty please. Turn off your word verification.

I want to comment on your blog. I really do. Because see… I said If I read, I comment.

But you make it so difficult.

Especially when I’ve already commented, entered my personal information, and hit submit and THEN a word verification box comes up. Really?

For my own mental health, I’m just not going to bother. I just tried to comment on a blog just now – it had a fabulous recipe. I wanted to thank the poster! And that pesky word verification came up that I couldn’t seem to get right.

So no more. I’m on a one woman mission to wipe out word verification.

Oh wait. I’m not the only one that thinks out. Check out some of the blogging tips that over 300 people left. I’ve only read about 60 so far but it’s amazing how MANY people mention word verification. 😉

I think I’ll keep a tally. I love reading blogs and I will 85% of the time comment on those blogs. But no more! If you have word verification, I’m moving on.

Thank you. Have a good day.

Disclaimer: This blog reflects Melissa’s feelings all the time including today but she means no offense. Really.

Today’s Blogs I Didn’t Comment On – or rather attempted to comment but they don’t want my comment:


12 Responses to “Public Service Announcement”

  1. Mandy Says:

    Oh I HATE LOATH DESPISE AND ABOMINATE word verification. I once typed up this long (I thought witty) comment. I typed the word verification in and got it wrong!!! So much work just to leave a friendly comment. Now if I get the word verification I don’t leave my comment. It’s just plain rude.

  2. Alexis Says:

    I totally agree!!!!

    And you want to hear MY pet peeve? I read in a feed reader. And I seldom go to a post to read something that was cut off. Like a teaser. Does that make sense? It drives me batty! if you want me to read your post then please post the whole thing. Sigh.

  3. Hi, Melissa – thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment! I completely agree with you on the word verification (and after reading your post realized I couldn’t remember if I had set that feature to active on my blog so had to test it out – shew, I think I’m safe) – it is a pain!

    I wonder, though… does it make a difference in the number of spam comments a blog receives? Because, in some ways, if it did, that might just make it worth it to me to have to deal with it on other blogs. Because spam comments are not fun to have to deal with!

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    • Melissa Says:

      Tanya, Since I’ve been getting more views, I do get more spam. But with WordPress it goes into my spam box. In fact, your comment went into my spam box! LOL

      Anyway, I figure for those with blogspot, they could either a. have owner approval for each post or b. just delete the ones that are spam.

      I just look it as a service to your readers. If you want comments, then make it easier on the commenter.

  4. Anna Says:

    I know what you mean. It’s frustrating to me on the ones that don’t ask for the word at first, then after you hit submit, you have to type in a word to have it published. I usually do, because I figure I’m almost there, but not always.
    I was getting a lot of spam in the past, and set the word verification. But recently, I realized how I don’t like to type in that word. So I took it off. I thought if I start to get spam again, I can just moderate the comments.

  5. mamabeck Says:

    It’s true! It’s true!
    When Melissa asked me a while back to take Word Verification off…I did! And I got more commenters than just Melissa! (go figure!)

    Personally, having to word-verify doesn’t bother me, but having to have an account on the blog site DOES. Those who require that don’t even get READ by me.

  6. everydayMOM Says:

    Well… then I owe you an even BIGGER thank you for commenting since you had to get past my word verification.

    I wish I had started my blog on wordpress so I wouldn’t need it. The ONLY reason I have word verification is because I allow Anonymous readers to comment…. the reason I allow them is because they are some of my closest friends and most loyal readers AND most frequent commenters, but they don’t have a blogger ID. When I turn OFF my word verification, I get spam. Nothing like a viagra ad in your comments section… so I had to choose… and I decided to keep my anonymous commenters at the expense of word verification.

    Believe me… I’m getting ready to ask them personally to please, please get a blogger ID so I can turn it off!

  7. Cyndy Says:

    Mine is off because of your previous blog about this, but I totally agree… I don’t have 5 minutes to leave someone a comment, so I just won’t! LOL! : )

  8. Mandy Says:

    Like Melissa said, it’s a service to your readers. I’m on Blogger. It really isn’t a big deal to delete the spam comment. I get notification of all comments in my inbox. I would just got and delete the spam. If it ever did become a big hassle, then I’d turn on the owner approval feature.

  9. OK OK OK I just changed it. I’m so excited to start getting 20x the comments now! Hahaha.

    I’ve also heard about the partial feed being annoying. How do I figure out if mine is a full or partial feed? I know that sounds like a stupid question, but like the word verification being a default setting when I started the blog, I’m afraid that partial feed might have been a default setting that I didn’t know about.

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