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Tablecloths and Chair Covers February 1, 2010

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I was so excited to be inside a fabric store again! We live in a small town and when I go to the “city” to shop, I don’t think about fabric. I think about CostCo, Target, Borders, Kohls. Necessities. But the last time I was in the city on a field trip with the kids I thought about Joann Fabrics. Oh how I wanted to get some fabric. I was starting to feel inspired to finish this dining room/living room of mine. I have no curtains! No cute pillows! It is time.

After our field trip, I took the kids and our friends and headed to Joann Fabrics. The smell. The colors. The feel of the fabric. Cotton only, please!   I was loving it!

Then last Friday I had several women over and we sewed all afternoon. Talked. Drank coffee. And sewed. It was such a fabulous time we decided to do it once a month.

And during that time I got a tablecloth, 5 chair covers, and a pillow cover made. We won’t talk too much on how I messed up slightly. Okay, I’ll share a little bit. My last tablecloth was gold on top and green around the bottom and my chair covers were green. I loved them. I’ve had them for years. I never did make more. While I was at the store, I forgot what I did. So now I have red on top, gold around the bottom, and red chair covers. It’s a lot of red. BUT. I’ve decided to make the opposite in another tablecloth and more chair covers and now I’ll have 2 sets! See. Really. It’s genius.

Jaime making her daughter a jean skirt out of an old pair of jeans.

Heidi sewing on the cutest felt flowers onto the jean skirt that she made her daughter out of an old pair of jeans.

Kristen showing off her fun coffee making skills on my Keurig (Don’t know what that is? Come back Friday!).

Tina on the phone. Again. Tina?? Tina??? Don’t you want to sew???

There’s Tina with her finished pillow cover! It was her first time sewing and I think we have her hooked.

Almost done with the tablecloth!  And yes, Tina and I have the same gold fabric, picked out separately!!  Yes, my pictures are all messed up on the small bookshelf.  Yes, I fix them.  And then?  The little girls come and “play” with their daddy.  🙂   I’m glad you can’t see my desk that is under that sewing basket.

I realized I didn’t have a picture of Shannan. Look at the right side of the picture. You can barely make her out!  But you can see my homeschool bookshelves back there.

There’s a close up…as good as it gets! Shannan worked on her living room curtains. Then she listened as Heidi told Jaime how to make the jean skirt. She went home and made one and showed it to us a couple days later. Very cute!! Her daughter is going to love it!

My finished tablecloth and chair covers.  How I love them.  I can’t wait to sew some more!

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16 Responses to “Tablecloths and Chair Covers”

  1. mojavenomad Says:

    Love it! I need to get my machine into a repair shop. I think the tension is all messed up! I’m so short I always have to hem my pants and lately I’ve resorted to heat bonding tape. LOL!

  2. OK — I’m inspired. I recovered my dining room chairs after 10 years… it was GROSS!! So I redid them at Thanksgiving time when my mom was here. They looked so much better… and I’m sure smelled better too. LOL

    I did have table clothes… but now I’m having to put a leaf in the table… I need longer ones. Guess what?? I’m going to buy material to make a BORDER on my already bought ones. THANKS TO YOU! Great idea!! yes?

    What fun… Did your friends bring their machines over or do you have a collection of them stashed some where? I want to be your friend. Ü

    • Melissa Says:

      Tina doesn’t have one but Shannan had a small project so she shared. Plus Heidi also brought her serger. Kristen wasn’t sewing. Just talking. 🙂

      The border is an awesome idea!! I do it because the width of the fabric is perfect for the top of my table and then the border makes it hang down. LOL

  3. kc Says:

    yay! I’m glad you made new ones, they look great! and the edges are actually done! amazing:)

  4. Mandy Says:

    Oh what fun! So much better to do with friends. They turned out fabulous!

  5. Tawna Says:

    Awesome! I’m going to have a sewing bee. I’ve decided. I just have to work out the details. 🙂

  6. Shelly Says:

    I love it! Looks like y’all had so much fun together; how I long for days like that here with friends. Keep it up Melissa and I pray that the Lord will bless you greatly for opening your home to family and friends, you are a shining example of hospitality.
    Love ya!

  7. Sharon Says:

    What a fun and productive fellowship. Tableclotth looks great!

  8. Dana Says:

    How fun! I wanna be your IRL friend. You should move to Florida :hn:

  9. mom Says:

    And you hemmed this table cloth! Looks great. I know what you mean about being in a fabric store – – my favorite place to shop!

  10. shelly Says:

    Very cute! It looks like a blast! I can’t wait for my group of ladies to get together next week!!!! (Love the Keurig…but now I’m hooked on the french press)

  11. Emily N. Says:

    What a fun idea! I get together for scrapbooking crops but have never been to a sewing-bee! Thanks for sharing all the fun photos and I totally agree – 2 set are always better than 1… even if it was a mistake {your secret is safe here in bloggie land!}

    ~ Emily N. from “too Blessed to Stress”

  12. Leah Says:

    I bought a sewing machine a year ago and haven’t used it. I need a group of gals like you’ve got!

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