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Sam’s Books – Bookshelves Part 3 February 1, 2010

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This is a continuation from this post about my homeschool bookshelves.

Middle column, second row down is Samantha’s cubbie. It is the place she keeps all her schoolbooks when they’re not in use.

She doesn’t have very many books in there right now because she is now doing most of her school work in the study. Our oldest daughter moved out in September and we turned her room into a guest room/study. We moved in a couple bookshelves, a small computer desk, and Roy’s college stuff. Now Samantha (and Roy) have a quiet room to go and do their studies. We also put our old computer in there and Samantha uses that for her math.

Here’s a list of her curriculum, most of which is normally on that shelf:

Bible – She reads a couple chapters every day, choosing which book of the Bible she wants to work through. Starting tomorrow she’s going to do the same Bible reading plan as me.

MathTeaching Textbooks

ScienceApologia’s Elementary Series – Zoology 2 Swimming Creatures of the 5th Day

LiteratureHistory of the Horse from Beautiful Feet

HistoryExplorers to 1815 from Veritas Press.

EnglishBob Jones

VocabularyWord Wisdom from Zaner-Bloser (also where I get my handwriting curriculum for the younger children)

SpellingSequential Spelling

ArtArtistic Pursuits (though she needs the next book!)

And that is Sam’s Cubbie!


13 Responses to “Sam’s Books – Bookshelves Part 3”

  1. Hey — I like how your blog looks today. Pretty.

    and– I like your bookshelves too. Do you have a label maker or did you do that on the computer.

  2. It’s so easy to leave a comment on your blog… that I think I’ll do it again. Ü

    • Melissa Says:

      I’m glad to hear you say that!! It’s as easy as WordPress will allow me to make it at this point in time without switching to my own server and finding some other easy way. 😉

  3. Well — look at that — it alternates colors. COOL!

  4. Dawn Says:


    Next year, will Samantha be continuing with the VP cards? Are you planning to begin Omnibus?

    • Melissa Says:

      We still have one more set to do. Then. I don’t know. LOL

    • Melissa Says:

      I will probably do something in 8th grade that covers more geography and more of ALL of the world and not just what VP chose to cover. Then I’m not sure about 9th grade but I’m going to stick to a typical public program I think. 10th will be world history, 11th will be US history, and 12th will be government/economics. I’m eying Sonlight for government. Not sure about the rest.

      Tapestry and Omnibus both seem wonderful to me but not sure I want to focus 4 years on that. Though it’s my understanding that government is tied into Tapestry.


      • Dawn Says:

        Tapestry has everything. I think they now even include advanced Latin and rocket science too. 😉

        Sounds like a good plan. Next year I was considering doing Tools for Young Historians by Brimwood Press, have her read through some lit selections and also do a sort of “summary” of world history. Though I don’t know what to use for that.

        That then buys me another year to decide on our next 4 year cycle.

  5. Mandy Says:

    I love seeing what’s on your shelves! Fun! Keep em coming. 😀

  6. Sharon Says:

    You are so organized. Love it.

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