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Flautas January 27, 2010

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I love Mexican food! I especially love 3 rolled tacos with guacamole from Alberto’s. Anyone else?? You know who you are!!

I’ve never tried making rolled tacos, or taquitos, at home. I have bought frozen ones and they’re alright. Recently I saw this post about making flautas on Homesick Texan. As a side note, do you call them flautas or taquitos?

I really thought the last few times I’ve had flautas in a Mexican Restaurant they were made with flour tortillas. When I saw this recipe I just had to give it a try. This is my version based on Homesick Texans.

2 pounds of chuck roast
1 medium purple onion, diced
5 cloves of garlic, crushed
2 tablespoons cumin
Juice of one lime

I had the jalapenos and cilantro and forgot about them!

Add all ingredients to a crockpot and cook on low for 8-10 hours. Shred with forks. Mine just fell apart. Then I drained off most of the juice.

I filled flour tortillas, added a little sharp cheddar cheese, rolled them up, and fried on both sides in a pan of canola oil. Put on paper towels to drain.

I served them with refried beans and sour cream. These were a hit for the whole family and I’ll be making them again soon. They were very easy to make!!

I’m linking up with Ultimate Recipe Swap at Life as Mom. Go check out a bunch of other great recipes!!


13 Responses to “Flautas”

  1. Tawna Says:

    Oh my that looks YUMMY!!! 🙂 Mmmm.

  2. Carol Says:

    These look yummy, I’m going to try them! How much canola oil did you use to fry them? It looks like you used a couple of inches and deep fried them?

    • Melissa Says:

      I used the rest of the oil I had in the bottle! LOL It was barely enough for the final flautas. There was enough oil to fry one side, and then I flipped them to fry the other side.

      I had the oil pretty hot because I didn’t need to heat up the meat as I was using it straight out of the crockpot. It was mostly to fry the tortilla quickly and give enough heat to melt the cheese.

  3. Meghan Says:

    It’s not even 9:00am and I’m already drooling for Mexican food, but then again, it doesn’t take much to make me crave Mexican. These look so yummy (and easy!)

    I thought taquitos were made with corn tortillas and flautas were made with flour tortillas. I’m not sure though. It doesn’t matter when they look that good!

  4. WOW! How easy. I will also make these this week. My favorite tortilla-type food is Cheesecake Factory’s Avocado Wraps (on their appetizer menu)… they come with a different sauce that is out-of-this-world. My friend says it’s made with the herb tamarind, which I can’t find in the grocery store. Try them sometime…

    • Melissa Says:

      Marchelle, I haven’t had those, but have you had California Pizza Kitchen? They have wraps like that – appetizers – oh my. I should try to find that recipe. It’s chicken, black beans, avocados and more.

  5. gena Says:

    This looks delish. My brother and sister in law lived in El Centro and they make the best mexican food thanks to all their friends with the authentic recipes. Flautas are the best and yours look yummy!! Reminds me of visiting El Centro.

  6. Mandy Says:

    Oh I can’t wait to try these!!! YUMMY!

  7. Rooh Says:

    Mmmmm … those look good!

  8. Fawn Says:

    I LOVE flautas! I am going to have to make these.

  9. Kate Says:

    Oh…I LOVE mexican food too. This sounds delish. Can’t wait to try it out with my family!

    Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog!

  10. Shera Says:

    Hi Melissa,

    Julie mentioned these on HK…So, I came over to get the recipe.=) Made them last night. Wonderful!!!! Alysaa now wants them for her birthday dinner. =) Thanks so much!

    Miss you!

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