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Water Park – 29 Palms January 24, 2010

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Last summer our base opened a small water park. On the corner of 5th and Del Valle is the Dinosaur Park. I don’t know if it has another name but the old playground equipment is dinosaur themed and so that’s what we call it. I’ll post more about that park at a later time. Across the street from the Dinosaur Park is the water park.

I’m going to start with the negative aspects to the water park. First is that you’ll notice in these pictures that there is no shade! They have since put up 2 shade structures. Still not enough, in my opinion, but at least there is some. Another complaint is the fake grass..that stuff gets HOT underfoot when it’s 110 degrees here! Bring blankets/chairs to sit on. 🙂

Another item to keep in mind is that there is no bathroom at the Dinosaur Park or the water park. The laundromat is nearby and it does have bathrooms. So not a negative necessarily but not a positive either!

It isn’t a big water park but it has enough different features to entertain the children.  It is fully fenced in – a real bonus!  The ground is not that nice spongey stuff, but rather are cement.  My children wear Crocs.

The water spurts out of the ground also.  And it’s random.  Pretty fun to run around in.  Notice the landscaping in the background – rocks!  Who puts rocks in an area where kids play.  I had to stop my younger ones many times from playing/throwing the rocks.

Another shot of Alex running around.  And around.  And around.

A distant shot of the bigger area.  There are buckets on the orange pole, that fill up and then dump out.  There are shooters also.  Shooters that do not turn in the directions that moms might be sitting!

The smaller area.  The water is on a sensor and this side didn’t want to come on.  Matthew is in blue/yellow and he’s waiting for the water to come out. See the kid in the middle?  He’ll get a face full!  The last item that I dislike about this water park is the rock wall.  There is a ramp (outside of the picture on the right) that leads up to a locked gate that leads into the Tank Pool.  From that ramp the kids can climb onto that wall and walk along it.  It’s higher than it looks!

Overall we enjoyed the water park the few times that we went.  It’s not my favorite place to go as there are too many “hazards.”   If you live here, tell me what you think about the water park!  If you don’t live here, please tell me one of your favorite features about a water park/pool/water feature near you.


5 Responses to “Water Park – 29 Palms”

  1. Anna Says:

    It looks like your kids had fun.
    We don’t have a water park close to us, but 2 summers ago we stayed at Wolf Creek Lodge. It’s a hotel with an indoor water park. We needed some family time together away from everything to relax. It was lots of fun, but not in the budget for every year!

    • Melissa Says:

      When we lived in VA, we kept talking about going to the one there but never did! I wish we had…they look wonderful.

      The kids love the water park. Especially the wall and the rocks. LOL

  2. Mandy Says:

    Hmmm…no pools, water parks, or really any water features near here. We swim at the lake…when it isn’t shut down because of pollution testing….

    There is a water park in Durham. We used to go there once a week. No hazards really. It was very small but lots of fun when the kids were little. Your park looks so much nicer though!

  3. Kim Says:

    We have an indoor water park near us. We love it. I have pictures on my blog here We do have a water park similar to what you posted about but we’ve never been there so I can’t give much of a report on it.

    Looks like your children had fun at the water park. It’s nice to have a variety of places to go.
    Praising Him,

    • Melissa Says:

      That water park looks great!!!! I wish we had something else to do here in the winter. It’s been cold lately! An indoor pool or water park would be fabulous. LOL

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