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Homeschool Park Day at Luckie Park January 11, 2010

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Most Fridays throughout the year you can find our homeschool group at Luckie Park.

We meet in the middle of the day and everyone brings chairs and blankets and their lunches. The moms have a great time chatting and laughing. Some weeks the group is large and other weeks only a few come. It doesn’t matter because on Fridays we always know we can meet with friends, new and old, and enjoy some good company.

(This is actually when we were packing up to leave so you don’t see the full layout of blankets!)

The children have a wonderful time playing on the playground, in the fields, and even in the trees.

Dads sometimes come, too. The kids really love this as the dads play various games with them.

A group of children inspecting who knows what….it’s nature…science!!

And I love these pictures of some of The Kortje Clan and a couple of my kids up in the tree.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a touch of our park day! If you’re part of a homeschool group, what is something you love to do with them?


7 Responses to “Homeschool Park Day at Luckie Park”

  1. Shelly Says:

    Looks like so much fun! About how many families do you have in your group?
    What are you liking best about being there?

  2. Melissa Says:

    Shelly, we have over 40 families in the group, though not everyone is actively involved. I bet I see about 1/2 at various things through the month. I love the close community here. The weather is really alright. I love my kitchen. 🙂

  3. We’ve gotten involved in the group at our church. The core group is from our church, but lots of other homeschoolers (and even some public schoolers) participate at times. So far, we’ve only gone on one trip (to a firehouse). We are hoping to do a lot more this year. They have “family fun fridays” (sometimes they are on Saturday though) once a month. This week they are going tubing at the Poconos. I was sure Kev would not take off for something like that. I was not tackling it alone, so I never mentioned it. Found out a couple of weeks ago that Kev definately would have done it. Ah well, now we know they do this every January we’ll plan on next year.

  4. Maggie Says:

    Love the pics! The group is just so awesome, we love it!

  5. Mandy Says:

    Looks like so much fun! I love park days. And how nice to see people outside not dressed for the next arctic freeze. It’s still so cold here!

  6. Anna Says:

    Oh, I’m so glad there’s a group like this at 29 Palms! We just got orders and will be arriving early this summer. Finding your blog has been such a blessing!
    Melissa, would you mind e-mailing me? I’m guessing that you can access my address?
    Thanks so much for posting all this great info…

  7. […] and I’m looking forward to the day so much! The kids and I will head to the park for our weekly homeschool group park day. And afterwards a few of the ladies and their children are coming back to our house for the […]

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