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Bingo Night June 5, 2009

Filed under: Base Living and 29 Palms — Melissa @ 10:59 am

Who says there is nothing to do in 29 Palms???

There is a Bingo Night every other month at the Officer’s Club. On the alternating months it’s Bunko. I go to play Bingo. I get some girlfriends to join me and we have a great time.

The cost is $10 for 10 games, plus you get some appetizers. The bar is open next door for your pleasure.

It starts at 7pm but come early! You’ll want to make sure you and your friends get a table together and have enough time to get something to drink and get some food. We arrived at 5:40 last time and there was already a line!

It ends about 9pm. The prizes are things from the exchange usually. Purses, jewelry, perfume sets, sometimes tickets to a fabulous Southern California place.




2 Responses to “Bingo Night”

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  2. MAry Says:

    How fun! So glad you posted a new blog post!!!

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