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My New Toy April 9, 2009

Filed under: Random — Melissa @ 5:44 pm



8 Responses to “My New Toy”

  1. mamabeck Says:

    Hellooooo, Torture!

  2. MAry Says:

    Go Melissa!!!

  3. Mindy Says:

    We love our treadmill and our elyptical! They do not end up as “clothes hangers” like our exercise bike and weight bench did earlier in our marriage!

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  4. MAry Says:

    Melissa, stop ignoring me.

  5. semperfisweetheart Says:

    That’s awesome!! We have an elliptical and you’ve inspired me to dust it off and use it!!! I’ve been contemplating going to the gym but I don’t really want to be working out with a bunch of marines as I try and sweat off my pounds! 😉

  6. MAry Says:

    Not so new anymore, I hope.

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