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Dorling Kindersley April 8, 2009

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Do you have any of their products? I love them! The books and the manipulatives.

We were given this set of My First Animal cards. Leah loves them. Here are some pictures of her loving the box. She’ll play with it for a long time. LOL








Here is the rabbit card. The cards are very strong cardboard. And on each animal there is a “feel” spot. I’ve been working on one animal at a time while she sits on my lap. This morning was cow and then I’d say moooo. She started saying moo too. She loves feeling the cards also. I love having easy items like this that encourage me to encourage learning in my little ones.




7 Responses to “Dorling Kindersley”

  1. MAry Says:

    She is SO cute!!!!!

  2. Sandy Says:

    What happened to her face??

  3. Kelly Says:

    Neat-o! We have a lot of the DK books, but I’ve never seen the cards. I’ll have to look into those.

  4. Jeanne Says:

    Those cards are really cool!

  5. Oh wowza… I haven’t seen her in a long, long time! Cute baby… cute cards too! Baby is cuter.

  6. Oh AND… your header is AWESOME!

    • marineswife Says:

      Thank you!!!

      I was asking a friend about hers… check it’s totally awesome:
      _ (

      So she was telling me how she did it and then said she’d whip one up for
      me. She just took pictures off my blog adn did that!

      But now that I know I’ll make one in the future for myself. though she
      has the cool stamps and fun things.


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