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Ocotillo Housing – 29 Palms March 31, 2009

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I was finally able to take pictures of Ocotillo Housing. I’m not sure what ranks are assigned to the some of the areas – mostly in the officer side. Hopefully though this will help those of you that might be living over there.

Ocotillo is the only housing that officer’s live in. A friend of mine that lives over there says it takes her 7 minutes to get to the commissary. There is a gate there so it’s quick to get out in town. There is also a small MCX there and a lot of playgrounds.

(Thank you to Samantha for taking the pictures while I drove slowly around the neighborhood.)

This first area is on the way to the golf course and the Ocotillo Community Center/pool. It’s a small area for NCO’s. The housing is very similar to some of the housing in Adobe Flats (also for NCO’s). However these streets were wider and just seemed more private and quieter. I talked to a spouse living here and she said they have been so pleased with it and while they wanted Adobe Flats at first they are thrilled that they ended up over here.




The Ocotillo housing office/community center. The pool is in the rear. And behind this area is where the base golf course is.


This is part of the officer housing. A friend whose husband is an O-4 lives in one of these duplexes and someone else I know that is O-5 lives in the single units. I don’t know for sure if that is how it is broken up though.


As you can see some of the duplexes appear smaller than others but I couldn’t tell if it made a difference in area.



The officer housing has backyards that you can fence if you’d like.

The following housing is from a street that I know is E-6 to E-9. There is another longer street that has the same type of housing that I thought was all E-6 to E-9 until I met an O-2 that lived in them also. So I’m not sure about those.


Ocotillo in general seems like a really nice area to live in. We were driving through around 10 in the morning and there were some children at the playgrounds, people out walking, and in general seemed real quiet.

The General’s house is also over here as well as the Command circle..houses.. I didn’t drive down that road. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope this helps those of you that will be living in Ocotillo Housing.


14 Responses to “Ocotillo Housing – 29 Palms”

  1. MAry Says:

    Those look nice and big! I want to see a pic of the commissary.

  2. Erica Says:

    Thanks so much for the pictures and all the information. We are really excited to get there this summer!

  3. Cathy Says:

    I am glad I found your blog. We are moving to 29 palms and was trying to find pictures of the housing areas which you so graciously provide. Thank you for taking the time. It really helps people like me

    • marineswife Says:

      So glad I could be of help. Let me know if you have any questions about the area! We like living here, even through the heat and sand! Melissa

  4. GySgt Hester Says:

    Dear marineswife,

    Do you have an e-mail to the housing office. I have orders back to 29 and am currently on deployment and want to send them my housing forms by e-mail..the current web site does not seem to have one…thanks and looks like the housing has improved since i was last there..

    • marineswife Says:

      I’m sorry. I can’t find emails either. Just phone #’s. hone us: Junior Enlisted Housing Coordinator: (760) 830-1707

      NCO Housing Coordinator: (760) 830-1709

      SNCO/Officer Housing Coordinator: (760) 830-1708

      Housing Referral Specialist: (760) 830-1706

      Fax us at: (760) 830-6469

  5. Holly Christopher Says:

    My husband will soon graduate from Navy OCS and we found out that we will be stationed in 29 Palms. Can you tell me about any insect problems you have had? My 2 year old is allergic to ants and every time she gets bit, we end up in the emergency room.

    Thanks for all the info on you site!

    • marineswife Says:

      I don’t know about ants. There are some but I don’t think any of us have gotten bitten by them. I see them more in the dirt areas and not so much on grass. Roaches are here…and crickets. Although it’s weird that I’ve hardly seen any crickets this year and last year they were everywhere. If you live where there is grass and trees you will also have flies! If you live in housing, you can call periodically and have pest control come out and spray around your house. That has mostly helped to keep the crickets and spiders out of our house. The roaches…eh…I get like one or two a week. I hope you like living here. It takes some getting used to…and moving here in the summer is hard. We’ve grown to love it though. ๐Ÿ™‚ Melissa

  6. Jackie Says:

    Hi! Thanks for all the great pictures!! Do you know how old the ocotillo houses are? Thank you!

    • marineswife Says:

      The newer ones are just a few years old. The older ones are probably from the 70’s but were remodeled in the 90’s. Lincoln does continually do things to them to keep up appearances and improve them. Melissa

  7. Dee Says:

    Thank you so much for these pictures! We are moving there in the next couple of months and couldn’t really find anything else. I see that you homeschool but I have a 16 yr old sophomore…do you have any scoop on the local high school? I hs’ed my older son for a while but my daughter doesn’t seem to happy with the idea at this point!

  8. Michell Says:

    Thanks so much for the pictures! We are on the waiting list for this area. We hope that we will be moving in sometime soon!

    • Andrea Moore-Sheridan Says:

      Thank you sOOO much for the pics!! As I sit here in 18 inches of snow in Ohio…I was instantly warmed by pics of 29 palms…we were stationed there for 3 years & LOVED it!!! thanks again…you have no idea how much this “warmed” me up…Semper Gumby girlfriend

      • Melissa Says:

        You’re welcome! It’s been gorgeous here this whole month. My neighbor said we reached a high of 80 yesterday! Crazy.

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