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Leah Turns One!! March 25, 2009

Filed under: Family — Melissa @ 3:25 pm

It’s so hard to believe that our baby has turned one! She was born March 5, 2008. Since then she has moved across the country and even flown several times. She is walking everywhere and talking non-stop. We all adore her and I’m so glad she is in our family.



Eating her cake:


A couple pictures taken at Sears 2 weeks before her birthday:




8 Responses to “Leah Turns One!!”

  1. MAry Says:

    Happy Birthday Leah!!!!!!

  2. Kaele Says:

    She is such a cutie! You have a beautiful family, Melissa!

  3. heidi Says:

    She has changed so much from the newborn picture, so cute. Happy Birthday!!!

  4. Sharon Says:

    Happy Birthday! Sarah just had a lovely chat wtih Leah’s pictures. lol

  5. Kelly Says:

    She is just two precious!

  6. Kelly Says:

    I know, she’s one not two…that should have said, too (where’s the rolling eyes emoticon when you need it?)

  7. Jeanne Says:

    Happy Birthday, Leah and Mommy!

  8. semperfisweetheart Says:

    She is gorgeous! I miss that baby scent on their clothes. As you can tell, I am getting caught up to date with your blogs. Jay got back from Afghanistan in late October and we are finally getting back into a rhythm. So, I am being able to find some “me” time to blog and read!

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