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Ahoy, Matey!! March 10, 2009

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For Matthew’s 8th Birthday party he chose a Pirate theme. We ordered our things from They have lots of wonderful things there! We decided to do sort of a scavenger hunt thing where they find the treasure at the end….the treasure being the pinata in the shape of a treasure trunk.

Upon arriving they got their goodie boxes which contained their bandana, eye patch, tattoo, and telescope. Then we used eyeliner to add beards to their faces. We also chose names and tried to use that name for the whole party. Matthew was Captain Blackbeard, Alex was Shark’s Rage, Sam was Anne Bonney. The other children chose their names from a selection on the table.



*I probably have these clues out of order but this is pretty much what they did. LOL

Their first clue led them outside to the “Big Rock.” From there they had to escape the bomb. This little plastic bomb makes nice. They played the game like Hot Potato…when the bomb “exploded” in their hands, they were out.


Then they had get inducted into the Pirate Hall of Fame by drinking Shark’s Blood (punch mix with hardly any water…very thick blood looking) but I took pity on them and added some Sprite to make it taste better. After this they received their swords.

Then back outside to sword fight. We had 2 bubble makers going and they fought off the bubbles with their swords. I have no picture of this! It was so fun. When the party ended they went back outside and did this for so long!

Their next clue led them to a pooper scooper box across the street, where they then had to “swab the decks.”



Then they traveled by ship around the houses to find their next clue. They had to walk the plank (boards on the ground) and then cross alligator swamp (pool w/ a little water and rocks to cross on). They then found their next clue which eventually led them to the treasure chest.

We hung up the pinata and let them take turns. It didn’t take long for it to open!



After that we came inside and Matthew opened his presents. He even got a Pirate puzzle!!


And lastly we had cake and ice cream. Matthew chose a white cake with chocolate frosting with raspberry filling. It was really yummy. We put “Treasures” on the top.


It was a fun party…most importantly Matthew loved it and he loved having a few friends and his siblings celebrate with him!


3 Responses to “Ahoy, Matey!!”

  1. Mary Says:

    How fun!!! Ben would have loved coming to his party!!

  2. mamabeck Says:

    HOW FUN!!!!

    …and I LOVE Matthew’s mustache!

  3. Bethany Says:

    hey! did you remember our pinata treasure hunt from a couple of years ago? and anna was anne bonney. : )

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