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Sometimes I Forget I’m in California February 9, 2009

Filed under: Random — Melissa @ 10:46 pm

Sometimes I forget that we have moved to California.  Recently I purchased a book from someone that lives in CA..a mere 3 hours away from me.  We’re on a message board together.  Many people purchased this book from her as she’s the AUTHOR!  I’ve read 2 other books of hers and love them and can’t wait to read this one.

Anyway….someone else, who lives near Tuscon, AZ, posted today that she received the new book.  I was so excited that they were arriving..the sightings have begun..and then thought..”Well, I’m all the way across the maybe 2 or 3 more days until I get mine.”

It was minutes before I remembered that I’m in California now! And close to her!!!

The sad part of this story…I sent Kayla down to get the mail…no book.  Please tell me how someone in Arizona received her book before me!!!


4 Responses to “Sometimes I Forget I’m in California”

  1. Mandy Says:

    How exciting!! I wanna be in California right now. 😦

  2. chautona Says:

    Because… the PO in CA hates ME.

  3. MAry Says:

    No book in WI either. Can I see a pic of your library on base?

  4. Cyndy Guerrettaz Says:

    You might be in CA but you are in the middle of nowhere… It take mail longer because camels don’t move that fast out in your desert! LOL! I’m glad you’re back in CA!

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