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Condor Housing – 29 Palms January 22, 2009

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This is Condor Housing and it is for E-1 to E-3. One of these days I’ll post a map with each housing area labeled. Condor is near…..Condor Elementary! If you come in the Condor gate, go past Adobe Flats, and turn right at the first right, you’ll then pass housing on the right…community center on the right…Condor Elementary on the pool on the left…and then…it’s Condor Housing (Sunflower Terrace is across the street from Condor Housing – I’m posting those pictures next).

These are apartment style homes. I forgot to count how many to a building. I believe there are 1- and 2- bedroom units. I know for sure there are 2-bedroom units there. No garages but there are storage closets. Several playgrounds.

I don’t really know too much about these. I did call housing a couple months ago about some future renovations and I was told that Condor is the next housing area to be torn down and replaced! There are no dates yet though but that is what is scheduled next. They don’t want to have “apartments” anymore. Just the regular townhouses.

Here you can see the carports that are out in the middle of each little parking area/loop.  I don’t know how many parking spaces you get.  The units are either downstairs or apartments.  🙂


Same units as the ones above..but facing straight ahead and pointing to the left of the complex.  Now that I look at these pictures again, you can see that there are 2 sort of “L” shaped buildings there and they share that parking lot.


The upstairs units have a balcony.  The downstairs units have a patio with a wall around it.  The wall is not enclosed all the way but it does make for a nice private area if you get a downstairs unit.


This complex and Sunflower Terrace are nice if you have school-aged children.  The school is just across the street.   Very convenient.  And there are several playgrounds..lots of grassy area.  Condor has the big parking lots and wide streets in between each of the little sections…good for riding bikes or taking walks.

Condor housing is also within walking distance to the community center (there’s a small gym in there), and the family pool!  The family pool is super nice.  It has one real big pool..with a deep end.  And then it has a kiddie pool that is HUGE with a mushroom and a little slide.  There are lots of chairs and on one side there are a lot of benches that sit under an awning.


3 Responses to “Condor Housing – 29 Palms”

  1. MAry Says:

    Does each area have their own school? Are the teachers from the military as well?

  2. Cynthia Benjamin Says:

    Seeing these pics brings back so many memories. My husband and I lived in these apartments. Matter of fact where the green truck park was our spot. Near the mountain in the back. There was a little park in the back 🙂 We lived at the bottom . It’s kinded sad to know they will be breaking these apartments down. I had too show my husband these pic . We show do miss it.was thinking on visiting our memories be it’s sad it will be going . But thanks again for posting these pics.

  3. Cynthia Benjamin Says:

    Great memories 🙂

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