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Adobe Flats Housing – 29 Palms January 22, 2009

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Next is Adobe Flats. This is NCO housing, though nothing surprises me on this base anymore, so don’t hold me to that if you see other ranks living there. 🙂

There are 4 sections, though I’m not sure where the lines are drawn. I’m sure it’s between the types of housing that are over there but you don’t see specific signs telling you are in Adobe Flats III or what not.

This housing area has its own clubhouse and pool! Isn’t that great??? The pools are open sometime in May and stay open until September. There has been talk of opening slightly earlier…I know the one near me was open when we moved here in mid-May, but just on the weekends and afternoons. During the summer they’re open every day, all day long.

Adobe Flats is near the Condor gate. It’s just minutes from the commissary, home store, community center, and the elementary school. Hmmm…most housing is just minutes from there. Even Ocotillo…WAY on the other still only 7 minutes to the commissary. So I guess Adobe Flats would be more like one minute driving. 🙂

One of the nice things about Adobe Flats is being near the gate. Zoom Zoom and you’re out the gate and at 55 m.p.h. heading for town.

Oh and another thing I thought of. The street going in and then out further up is one way. Please keep this in mind. ONE WAY. Don’t ask me how I know. LOL

In this first picture I have just turned right into Adobe Flats on the ONE WAY STREET.  If you look past the sign you can just barely make out the gate.  Just before the gate is where the ONE WAY STREET comes back out onto Del Valle (the main road).


This is the first housing you see.  They are 2 bedrooms.  I’ve never been inside one.  If you’ve been told you’ll be in Sunflower Terrace (E-1 to E-3 housing) these are the same.  One car garage.  Little backyard/patios.  There are several streets of these.   Notice how the road off the ONE WAY STREET is not ONE WAY.  Very confusing…to me.  LOL


The back of the units.  Little fenced in areas.  Nice.


This is probably Adobe Flats III or IV.  They are 3 and 4 bedrooms, 2 car garages.  I have been inside one of these. It’s nice!  The living room is really big.  Average dining room.  The kitchen isn’t huge but it’s decent.  Typical base housing..typical kitchen for this size house.  Off the kitchen/in between to the garage is the utility room.  Nice built ins there.  Extra storage.  Upstairs is a small loft area that is in between the bedrooms.  It’s not huge by any means but in the one I saw they had some toy shelves there, a little kid table, beanbag.  It was nice.  Decent bedrooms.


Here is the back.  So.  The downside.  No backyards!  You have those closed in patios and that is it.  You are allowed to put things outside the gate.  I’ve seen little playsets and so forth but they can’t be there during mowing (this is my understanding) and you can’t do anything about things being stolen.

There are lots of playgrounds though! And the streets are super wide!   And because of the 2-car driveways there were not many cars on the street. Great for riding bikes and taking walks and such.  In the newer area of Adobe Flats the trees are really little still.  Not much shade.


Here you can see one of the older areas…big trees..the leaves will be back soon. It does get cold here in the winter.  It even snowed!!!

I’m not sure what size these are.  There was a whole section of these one-story.  By counting windows they seemed like 3 bedroom units but I can’t know for sure.  These streets are quiet, and very nice with all the trees.  They have back yards similar to the first house I showed you on this page.


Another of the front of these little houses.  Cute.


Here’s the backyards again.  These story ones are 3 bedrooms I believe.  I was told the ones with no windows o nthe upstairs were 2 bedrooms.  These have 2 windows i nthe back AND one in the front so I’m thinking they’re 3 bedrooms.  But if they’re 2 bedrooms also someone please let me know so I can update!  🙂


I have more housing to post and am getting there little by little.    As I learn more about each of these housing areas I’ll update the posts.  Adobe Flats is a HUGE housing area but looks like it is well-maintained and actually pretty quiet.  The ONE WAY STREET seemed a little busier as it’s the main road around..and the older units just have one-car spaces so there were more cars parked on the street.  The ONE WAY STREET explains why all the cars on both sides of the street were facing the same direction.  😉


12 Responses to “Adobe Flats Housing – 29 Palms”

  1. MAry Says:

    It seems like the first places don’t have many windows.

  2. Erica Says:

    I love your blog!! We have verbal orders for 29 palms for this summer and I’m feeling more positive about our move now. Thank you!! We’ve never lived in the military housing before (always off-base), but I’m interested in the base housing there. It seems that we are eligible for the Occotillo area. Do you have any pictures or know anything about the houses there? Also, if there’s a waiting list, where do people live while they’re waiting? Is there enough off base housing for that? Any information would be great. Thanks so much. We have 4 little boys, ages 5, 3, and twins that are 1. My husband is in the Navy Medical Corp, and we’re currently stationed at the hospital in San Diego. Thanks again for the help. 🙂

  3. Tamara Says:

    I am SO thankful for this site. I TOO Erica have verbal orders to that way this summer. I have twin 5-year olds, and a 3 year old. 😀 And ALSO would live in Ocotillo Heights. Any pics that could be posted of that area and houses would be much appreciated. Seems I cannot find ANYTHING online. 😦

    Thank you for this site.

  4. D'Nise Says:

    Hi! Your posts are awesome! I was googling 29 palms because my hubby looked at MOL and realized that he’s slated to go there in May although he hasn’t received orders yet due to him being on limited duty right now. I was very anxious because we’re at Camp Lejeune and I had no clue about anything in California, especially not anything regarding base..and we have a 2 month old. Is there a ridiculously long wait for housing there? Here the wait can be up to 1 year. My hubby and I waited about 10 months, luckily we have family in the area…not so in California. Like the others who commented, any info that you have available and would be willing to share would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thanks so much!!!!!!!

  5. Trixia Says:

    Why are you so wonderful?! I can’t stand it! You sure did your homework and saved us so much hassle! I could only find like 5 photos on the Lincoln website! Thanks a lot for all of this information! My hubby and I are relocating from pendleton and he’s an E5. We don’t have any children yet and we’ve been trying for a year and a half and have been seeing fertility specialists. But anyways, We wanted to find a decent house in 29 palms since we will be hopefully expecting soon. Aside from that, where do you think they’ll put an E5 with 6 years? Thank you! You’re great!

    • marineswife Says:

      Lincoln used to have tons of pictures and even floor plans. Or maybe it
      was housing that did. Anyway, last summer they took them all down! I had
      posted pictures of our house for family/friends and then started getting
      emails asking me about other areas so that is when I started taking pictures.

      E4’s and E5’s live in Adobe Flats or in the 801 housing that is off-base.
      I haven’t taken pictures of those yet. From what I can see they look like
      apartments. Community parking lots. No garages. But they’re 2-story
      units. Maybe 8 units to a block building. They’ve been renovating them,
      adding regular air conditioning units, that kind of thing. You don’t HAVE to
      live out there. It’s my understanding that you can turn those down and
      then just wait for the on base housing. Others don’t want to wait or do want
      to live out there and so they take those right away.

      There is a nice park and pool near that housing and you’re closer to town.

      We do like living on base though. It’s close to the commissary and
      exchange and work. 🙂

      I hope you get pregnant soon. 🙂

      And let me know if you any questions about the base. I love answering
      questions about living here.


      • Trixia Says:

        You’re the best. I called the Housing Office today and I was told that we would be in either Adobe Flats or Fairway Heights in a two bedroom. Which one of these photos on this page is the one for a two bedroom in Adobe Flats? And what do the Fairway Heights Homes look like? I’m just curious. We wanted a 3 bedroom since we’re expecting to have children soon and will be there for at least 2 years and would dread moving, but the lady said there’s no way.

        I’ve been a Pendleton Girl my whole life. It’s all I know, since I was born and even now I’m married to a marine, so I’m in for the rest of my life, lol! This is going to be an interesting change. I’m just curious as to how the house is going to look.

        We’ll be heading over there this weekend to drive around and check things out, maybe go Bowling and have lunch there.

        Seriously, Thank you so much. You make things so much easier for all of the families! You are also the most helpful!

  6. semperfisweetheart Says:

    I had to read this section because we live in Adobe IV and the picture you took is in front of our house! My hubby’s front end of his silver pick up is in the picture! That is so funny! I think it’s great that you are posting this because I, too, noticed they aren’t showing floor plans or interior pictures. You are so sweet to do this!! Thank you!

  7. Kristen Says:

    WOW. This is so great that you put this site together. Your site is the only one I can find with actual pictures of the homes.
    My husband and I PCS’d to 29 in June of 2008. We rented a house in Joshua Tree. He deployed in Feb and 10 days later I gave birth to our little girl. Needless to say, I moved home right after he deployed to have our baby. We decided to do base housing… and I just found out we got Adobe flats I. I’m a little upset about this because it just looks terrible from the outside, very small, and only 2 windows. I was wondering if you have any other pictures of Adobe FlatsI and if you know anyone that lives in them to tell me about how big they are and what they look like inside.

    Thanks for this site. Its incredibly helpful.
    My email address in I’m looking to meet mommy’s in on 29 and make some friends 🙂

  8. mommyof3 Says:

    THANK YOU FOR THESE PICS!! We just got orders today that we will be stationed here, and like others, couldn’t find any pictures! This made me feel much better and not so freaked out about moving to the desert as we are currently stationed in New Haven, CT. From one extreme to the other i guess lol! My husband is E-5 , and we havfe 3 small children, so I’m guessing this is where we will be put. If you have any tips or more pics of this area, I would GREATLY appreciate it! Thank you!

  9. Erin Says:

    I have been looking all over for info and pictures on the military housing out there and this site is a godsend. My husband just got out to Twenynine Palms and is still checking in. I’m back in NJ until we get housing but we we are on a very long waiting list so we are considering getting a place off base. I would love to be on base while he is deployed bc I would just feel safer and the houses all look pretty nice. So thanks for the pics and info it’s been very helpful and much appreciated. Take Care

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