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Joshua Heights Housing January 15, 2009

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I went out this morning and took a bunch of pictures of housing. Previously I posted about the Shadow Mountain Housing. These pictures are of Joshua Heights. When we were first moving here, we were told that the housing was being used for everyone, as people were being moved out of housing that was being renovated or torn down or what not. I “heard” from people living there that they had all ranks, including officers, living around them.

When we moved here last May, housing told us it was for E-6 to E-9. We did not have an option for this housing as the next 5 available houses were all in Shadow Mountain. Recently a friend that lives there told me that they are now offering these to E-4 and E-5’s as reenlistment incentives. When I called housing last week to ask where an E-5 with 2 children would live, I was given Joshua Heights as one of the areas.

What will it be for when you move here??? Who knows! I recommend calling housing, give them your stats, and let them tell you what housing you’re eligible for!

Joshua Heights houses are big. They are the largest on base. The stats I was given when we were moving here was 1600 sq ft, not including closets, stairs, or garage! The garages are all 2-car..decent space. Lots of storage inside, good sized closets. The kitchen isn’t real big but is nice, and there is a large pantry area on the side of the kitchen. There is a “loft” area at the top of the stairs that has a built-in desk. Super nice. All the landscaping is desert. Which means rocks. There are small backyards that are fenced already…rocks in the backyard.

Unlike Shadow Mountain, I’m told they don’t have an issue with flies over there. However, they do get a lot of pigeons and one can often see pigeon doo-doo on the roofs. There are a few covered playgrounds. Very nice. There is a community pool and clubhouse just before you enter Joshua Heights. It’s convenient to the commissary and hospital. Really, all the housing is convenient to everywhere..but those are even closer. LOL

Before we moved here, we were really hoping for Joshua Heights. Big houses, more storages, 2-car garages, not as many cars in the street due to 2 parking spaces in the driveway, close to pool, etc. We’re content with what we got and I’m glad to have a one-story. If you get Joshua Heights, I would think you’d be really pleased with your house!

And now on to the pictures…they are duplexes.  Most are 2-story.  There are 3 and 4 bedrooms units.



There are not many 1-story units and they are reserved for those in the EMFP program in which one  requires a one-story.


Back of the house with the “yard.”


Some of the units are situated sideways to each other when there is a curve in the road.  Here is the unit on the left.


And the unit on the right.  The sideways ones have long driveways!



7 Responses to “Joshua Heights Housing”

  1. MAry Says:

    WOW! those look huge. I don’t think I would like to share walls.

    So, when are you moving?

  2. Katherine Says:

    Thanks for taking time out of your day to take those pictures. My husband and I are moving out there this summer and there are no pictures anywhere of housing.

  3. susan Says:

    This feature is a real asset to the families coming to the area. Great pics and info. Keep up the good work!

    I have off base housing available which caters to families looking for furnished or unfurnished properties while waiting for base housing.

    More info and photos…

    ***I don’t know anything about this rental agency, but am approving this comment though I normally wouldn’t. I think it’s nice to know what agencies are out there, but would recommend working with Sharon in the housing office first if you need to find off-base housing. Melissa

  4. Lisa Says:

    Thanks so much for posting this information and the pictures! We are moving there soon and I was wondering what the housing was like. Hopefully we can get into Joshua Heights!

  5. Heather Peroune Says:

    My husband and I will be moving to 29 Palms in a week and I was wondering if you could put some pictures of the Ocatillo Heights up since I can’t seem to find any anywhere. Thanks for posting all the other info, it really helps give an idea of what the base is like.

  6. wendy Says:

    thank you so much! My husband was stationed out there several years ago (before we were married or even knew each other). He is going to be an officer and might get stationed out there again. I have had no idea what to expect and this is much more than I thought I should expect. If you are still there I will say hi when I arrive. Thanks again

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