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Hannah Mopping December 17, 2008

Filed under: Homeschooling — Melissa @ 3:21 pm

I love child-sized items! I starting reading Mommy Life several years ago and I enjoy her posts on children. When I saw this set of cleaning supplies, I knew Alex and Hannah would love them!


Here’s Hannah spraying the floor with water.


And then mop, mop, mop!


She stuck to this job for about 45 minutes.

They also love to dust and I let them use my Swiffer duster with the handle down to dust baseboards, bookshelves, and anything else that doesn’t have knick knacks.


One Response to “Hannah Mopping”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Where’d you get those? I’ve seen them on various blogs, etc but I’ve never thought much about ordering them until recently. I need to get the littles doing more of the workload and something their size, but realistic would be perfect.

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