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New Bedding for the Girls December 11, 2008

Filed under: Home Organization — Melissa @ 5:48 pm

Samantha and I have gone round and round about what bedding to get for their room.

When I was having Hannah, I really liked dragon flies and wanted to do the nursery in pinks and dragon flies. Course we didn’t really have a nursery at the time but I thought surely one of these days we would have a bigger house. And if I had another little girl after her I’d do the same colors and they would share. My mom found some cute fabric and made her a quilt..lilacs and light greens. So cute!

Then we had Leah and my mom used the same colors. We were going to be moving at that point and I thought I’d do their room in those colors.

So we have our house here on base and the 4th bedroom is teeny and decided Kayla would have her own room. Samantha, Hannah, and Leah are sharing the other room. We took apart the bunk beds and put the full in the little girls room and put the twin (upper bunk) in Kayla’s room.

And then the search for bedding started. I just haven’t found anything that we like or even lilac/green! Finally I told Samantha we’ll just start over and just choose something that you like. We got the pillows and comforter. I’ll find some solid color curtains somewhere else. I also chose some pieces for the crib that I *think* will match. If not, I’ll return them.

What color will we paint the walls????



3 Responses to “New Bedding for the Girls”

  1. Deanne Says:

    I vote for the buttery yellow color for the walls.

  2. MAry Says:

    Pretty!! I vote for yellow with a stripe or orange around the top!

  3. Sandy Says:

    really cute! I would like yellow also but you could also got with a nice soft green too. It is really cute.

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