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Shadow Mountain – 29 Palms November 30, 2008

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These are the houses that are in the Shadow Mountain housing area (where I live). I’m going to try and remember to take pictures of the other housing areas also. I know that they’re switching around which housing is for certain ranks and I’ll try to post that information also.

In the meantime, here is’s for E-6 to E-9, children or none, they are 3 and 4 bedroom units. They all have grass backyards, but only some are fenced in. You can fence in yours if you want, but then you have to mow it yourself. 🙂

This is a 4 bedroom, one-story. The five-bedrooms look the same…they are a little wider. There are only 10 5-bedroom units so the wait is long. Most of the 4-bedroom units on base are 2 stories, we just happened to be one of the lucky ones that got a one-story. 😉


This is another 4-bedroom unit. Notice there are 2 windows in the is the master bedroom. Then there are 2 bedrooms on the backside. If you get this style in a 3-bedroom, then there is just one window in the front and that is the master bedroom. It’s BIG with a nice sized closet. Not so much in the 4-bedroom.


And the last style of house is this. I took it from the side so you could see how the garage is in the front and the house is kind of behind it. The 3-bedroom looks the same, this one just happens to be a 4-bedroom. The kitchen/dining areas of all of these are very spacious. I’ve never seen such big kitchens in base housing!


And this is a 3-bedroom one story. You’ll notice in the 4-bedroom above that the garages are in the center…the units are joined at their kitchens/dining rooms. In the 3-bedroom, the garages are to the outside and the units are joined by their bedrooms.


Hope that helps give you an idea of what some of the 29 Palms Housing looks like. These are the older ones and there are lots of new ones, but there are some benefits to living in Shadow Mountain. First, we have grass. Course this means we get more flies but I do love having a backyard with GRASS in it. Second, we have the biggest kitchens on base. If this is important to you, then you’ll like Shadow Mountain. Third, we have trees. There are trees in some other housing but not all of them. There are downsides too..we have little garages..and there are more cars parked on the street because of the one-car driveways. Also, you have to water your grass yourself if you want it green. And mow if you fence in your backyard.

Leave me a note if you found this blog by searching for 29 Palms housing!


8 Responses to “Shadow Mountain – 29 Palms”

  1. […] I went out this morning and took a bunch of pictures of housing. Previously I posted about the Shadow Mountain Housing. These pictures are of Joshua Heights. When we were first moving here, we were told that the […]

  2. LCPL Cosgrove Aaron O Says:

    This will be my next duty station, and i will be getting married while on leave. It will be just my wife and I living there so we don’t need anything big just something thing for the two of us. I was just wondering about how long will I have to wait for a house? can you help us?

  3. Lauren Sablan Says:

    just thought i’d let you know that your site is very helpful. this is the only site i’ve found that has pics of the base housing in 29 palms. we will be moving there next month and i just wanted to get an idea of the area. my husband is an E-4 and i was just wondering how long is the average wait for housing?

    • marineswife Says:

      I have heard that people are getting into the off-base base housing right away. If you want to be on base then the wait is longer. Last I heard it was 4-6 months. But this is moving season and as the summer comes to an end there should be even more vacancies. Melissa

  4. Kaylynn Says:

    I googled Twentynine Palms on base housing, and found your website. My husband and I were married in June, and have lived in apartments out in town ever since. I can not wait for us to get on base housing. Finally, we called today, and are currently number eight on the list. Your blog has been incredibly helpful! Thank you!

  5. Sarah Says:

    Just wanted to let you know I found this looking for housing in Twentynine Palms! We’re actually looking at living in town, but love the site!

  6. Brittany Says:

    Yes I found you by googling housing in 29 palms. Just wanted to see what it was like. We won’t be there for a while. Still have almost 2 years left in Okinawa. My hubby was there when he was single and a E2 in the barracks so he doesn’t really know what the housing is like. Thanks so much for your post!

  7. Julie Says:

    Your site is so welcoming. We are a family of 6 who also homeschool (ages from 3-10)….and are currently awaiting a moving date for 29! Thanks again for all your effort. All we get from anyone else is “it’s the desert!”

    And yet we’re still excited?!

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