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More Hair Do’s October 28, 2008

Filed under: Hair — Melissa @ 11:31 pm

It takes me a long time to do “fancy” hair.  I’m learning…I’m not that great at it…but it does bring my girlies such pleasure.   I’m at least doing “fancy” hair for soccer games.

The morning of a soccer game, Samantha sits here and goes through multiple hair blogs and finally chooses one that she thinks I can do.  Ha ha.  I keep forgetting to save them so I can show you where I got the idea.  Because I certainly am not coming up with these on my own!!!  And I want to give credit where credit is due.  I promise to do better at this in the future.

I did realize while looking for some of the do’s that I never took a picture of this Beautiful Braid Flower. I did that. I really did. It looked pretty much like that too. It took me a while to figure out how to get those loopy things to be just right and the top one didn’t stay up there for long. But it was there. And I can’t believe I don’t have a picture of it!!!

Jennifer mentioned the puffy braid in the soccer pictures from a couple weeks ago. Actually it’s just pulling the hair into multiple ponies until I got to the back. The hair is parted so that from the back/top it looks like a star. I loved this one.

From the side it looked like a crown. It wasn’t hard to do…just lots of ponies. You start at the front and put that hair into a pony. Then section off the second part and pull the pony from the first part into the second pony. and so forth on both sides until you get to the back and then pull it together. I’ll be doing that one again.

Here’s the one we did for the game tonight.

Part in the middle on the top of the head. Then separate each section into two and braid back. My sections were a little low and made the final ponies be low. Next time I won’t have so much braid from the top and then the ponies can be a little higher. The ponies were actually buns in the original post that I can’t find, but because they ended up so low on her head, the buns looked funny. I like the criss-cross.


2 Responses to “More Hair Do’s”

  1. Oh how CUTE!! I like ribbons in hair too! Ribbons and Bows! I’ll cry the day Dani tells me… no more bows… seriously… I’ll cry. OR I’ll take up wearing ribbons and bows myself. :giggle: Just kidding!

    Maybe I’ll get a long hair dog. They can’t talk… LOTS of ribbons and bows, till the day it dies. :snort:

  2. Mandy Says:

    Great hair!! I love both of those looks!

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