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Evening Soccer Game October 26, 2008

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Roy and I were taking turns snapping shots of Samantha. We couldn’t decide what setting to use. If we used the sport setting, the pictures weren’t so blurry, but they were grainy. If we used the flash, that didn’t really do anything. Just using the lights from the soccer field, left the pictures with the weird color. Using a different setting (aperture?) caused more movement streaks. We just kept playing around with the settings. I need to figure out what is best to use at night, with limited light, when people are moving fast. LOL

Samantha loves playing soccer. The level of skills on her team ranges from a newbie to a super star. She is somewhere in the middle and getting better every week. We love watching the games. The most recent one was tied and we went into a 5 minute overtime. When our team scored, the yells of the parents and the kids, was so exciting! Even my little ones were jumping up and down. Their games move fast! (These are all 10 and 11 year olds..boys and girls.)

She got to be a Captain that night.

A fan – it was cold that night!

She stands with her hands on her hips a lot.

This was a great throw in!

Getting tired.

Oh look. Hands on hips again.


2 Responses to “Evening Soccer Game”

  1. AND.. her mother did her hair in a poofy pony tail. Is that what they called it?? CUTE!! I think kids with cute hair show that their mother’s love them. Ü I put 2 hair blogs on my reader, since you’ve mentioned them. Getting all sorts of ideas. Danielle wants long hair. I’m so glad!!

    We don’t play any soccer at night here… it’s all Saturday Mornings. So I can’t help you much there. Maybe when you figure it out — you can post here and all us novice camera buffs can copy you. LOL

    I did take a photo of the moon the other day. I put it on the night setting — and used my tripod. But the moon wasn’t moving very quickly… I don’t have any “night time sports” suggestions.

    Hey — do you have a monopod? I like using that for games. Cuts down on some of my movement, but it’s less restrictive then a tripod.

  2. Hannie Says:

    I stand with my hands on my hips too! And the people at work are frequently making fun of me because of it! So funny to see Samantha do the same thing! So glad that she loves soccer and her hair is adorable!

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