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The Office October 25, 2008

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No…not the television show.  My Office.  My Mess.  The bane of my existence.   I have a small desk, and while I now have room for a larger one, I don’t want to spend the money!  I need to make this area work for me once and for all.

When I was working in an office, my desk area was always organized.  I kept up on everything.  I was a quick, efficient worker.  Why can’t I do that at home???

I didn’t like the way this side of the room was set up.  Yesterday I removed everything from the small bookshelf, the file drawers, and from ON TOP (imagines piles) of my desk and put it all on the kitchen counter.  I’ll even share a picture with you.

Which reminds me, I haven’t blogged in a while.  Life has just been majorly hectic.  But I’m here now and I’m back to blogging. I missed it.  I have a ton of pictures to share with you.  Don’t mind me if I just keep posting all weekend long.

Here is the mess.

New location of the desk, with the file cabinet right next to it.  No excuses to not put things away right away!  I moved the preschool table over next to it with the small bookshelf on the wall.  I’ll be putting some preschool items on the bookshelf now and hanging some fun things in that corner.  My baskets that hold some other “office” type stuff will go in the cabinet that currently holds the preschool stuff.

Before the rocking chair was in the corner where the desk is now and the bookshelf was under the window and the desk was where the bookshelf currently is and the table was where the rocking chair is now.

Rocking chair in front of the school shelves.  This is also our “quiet chair.”  *wink wink* (Stickers on the chair, not .. something else. LOL)

I have started organizing the file drawers.

I’ll update you when I’m done organizing and putting everything away!  Hopefully I’ll have most of it done today.


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