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Girly Do’s October 11, 2008

Filed under: Hair — Melissa @ 2:27 pm

We – that is Samantha and I – love looking at the hair do’s on Hair Today. Such cute girls along with cute hair styles. We have been wanting to try some but I needed supplies!

I finally got some gel and combs and hair thingies (though I need more!). First I did Hannah’s hair based on this post. Hannah’s hair isn’t as long on the sides and is very fine. I was barely able to get the braids across the top. And then the ends were so little and just stuck straight up, so I tucked them under instead of trying to curl them.

I took the part a little too far down. I curled the bottoms. That night I went ahead and left the braids in and the next morning they didn’t look too bad..but we were going to the park so I pulled the rest up into a little curl pony.

Samantha’s was one we saw recently and just knew we had to try it! Like the author we really needed clear pony tail holders. Where I got the instructions.

It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Hair Today gives instructions on the twists here. Samantha loves her do and has kept it in for a second day. Looks good too for having slept on it!


6 Responses to “Girly Do’s”

  1. rachelchris Says:

    how fun! My girls are all too tenderheaded

  2. MAry Says:

    SO CUTE!!!!!

  3. NEAT!! I love to do my girls hair — until they get taller than I am. LOL Danielle wants to grow her hair out — I’m so excited. Ü We love those clear pony tail holders… but we lose them so easily. LOL Hard to see…

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Love these!! I was just thinking that we need to try some new “dos”. We go in spurts from trying lots of fun things to getting really stuck in a rut…and it is time to bounce out of the rut again!

  5. Deanne Says:

    Many of the hairstyles on there are pretty easy. I was impressed! I’ve been trying them on my oldest each day, and we are certainly getting looks and appreciative nods and winks from the Chinese. 🙂

  6. dangitAnge Says:

    Cute hair!

    And…. You’ve been tagged! See my blog for details! 😀

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