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Just Their Size October 5, 2008

Filed under: Homeschooling — Melissa @ 9:28 am

I’ve been wanting a “little kid” table for awhile.  I just couldn’t decide what kind.

Do I get a small square table that doesn’t take up as much space, and I can get in wood that would match my decor better?

Do I get a table I can just paint to keep covering up kid stuff?

Do I get a “school” table that has the legs that adjust for size?  And then what color?

Or do I want a round table..the kind with the spot for the teacher to sit on one side?

Decisions Decisions!

I had left a spot in my dining/office just for this table that I hoped to get one day.

Yesterday a neighbor was having a moving sale.  This woman has had an in-home day care for 20 years and is retiring.  They are moving to Okinawa and she isn’t going to do it anymore.  I wish I had gotten to her house sooner!  She was selling a lot of great stuff!!!

Anyway, I get there just before they start to pack it up, and there are some little chairs and I start thinking..well, I could get these chairs and then just find a table later..the chairs are great…I ask her how much and she tells me $3 each and oh by the way, I still have the table inside the house!

She shows me the table and I snatch it up.  God’s provision.  No more decision to make.

Hannah and Alex love it and are so thrilled to have their very own table!


3 Responses to “Just Their Size”

  1. Melissa K Says:

    That’s awesome!! If I had more room in my house I’d be jealous!! We actually have a little square table that we’ve used for years and I refuse to part with it!

  2. MAry Says:

    Very nice! Thank you Lord!!

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