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Matthew’s First Soccer Game September 30, 2008

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I didn’t get very many good pictures.   In this age group they have certain times that they switch out players.  The whistle is blown and the coaches have a couple minutes to make changes.  Each player is supposed to play at least 1/2 of the game.   I think they switch about each quarter.  I’ll pay more attention next time.   I do think that’s right.

So first Matthew was out.  Then he was goalie and the ball never came to their end during that time!  Next he was defense and I did get a couple shots of that.  And then last he was offense and he was getting some action then.  However, it was at the end and the 3 youngest were antsy and I was spending more time keeping them in line then watching the game.  I’ll take more pictures this week.

And you’ll notice the dirt.  Our field is on a baseball field and part of the area is dirt.  Ick.  We sat on the wrong side!  First the sun shifted and was in my eyes and then the little ones kept playing in the dirt.  This week I’ll be on the other side!  In the shade and no where near the dirt!

Notice the action with the ball on this one!


2 Responses to “Matthew’s First Soccer Game”

  1. Your blog is very red now… your favorite color??

    GO Matthew!!! I wish we were neighbors — then our boys could play soccer together!! (And I could eat some of your good cooking!)

  2. Kiersten Says:

    GO Matthew!!!

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