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Samantha’s First Game of the Season September 25, 2008

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There will be a lot of soccer pictures being shared over the next few weeks.  Tuesday night was Samantha’s first game of the season.  Her team name is Heat and we love to shout things like “Bring on the Heat!”  and “Feel the Heat!” and “Can you handle the Heat???”   Love the team name!  Samantha is #10, she was one of the first to pick a jersey, and she says she picked the #10 because that is how old she is.

The referee talking to the team about the rules.

The fans.

The first half Samantha played defense. I didn’t get as many shots of her as they were on the other end of the field from where we were sitting. At half time I think the score was 3 to 3. Pretty well matched. Both teams were doing well in all areas.

The second half Samantha played halfback and then forward. As much as she loves playing defense she said she thinks she likes forward better now. More action.

In the second half they didn’t score again and the other team scored 3 more times. The kids were so disappointed! Here are some shots of them attempting to score and missing. Samantha was getting really frustrated!


3 Responses to “Samantha’s First Game of the Season”

  1. rachelchris Says:

    we have our first games Saturday!!! Fun!

  2. Can you believe how they can run, and run, and run, and run!!! then want to do it some MORE!! Crazy!!

    Have fun this season! I love watching soccer — and yelling at soccer games. Good therapy! Ü

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