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Remember When September 22, 2008

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Donna, a friend of mine, had posted a video on Facebook, and ever since then the song Remember When has been stuck in my head.  I keep thinking of all these “remember when” moments.

Remember 10 years ago?

I was living in Utah, in a split level (of which I thought was cool at first and will never never ever live in again!), and Roy had started a new job as a recruiter.  We had just had Samantha and Kayla was in the 2nd grade.  We had just become members of Roy Christian Church and were making new friends.  I really missed Southern California though.

Remember 20 years ago?

I was starting my junior year of high school.  I was on the drill team and I loved doing tall flags!  I loved competitions – indoor, field, and parades.  You name it, I loved it.  I worked several different jobs in high school but I think at this time I was working at J&K Restaurant as a busperson and hostess.  I might have quit that though and been working at a retirement home as a server.

Remember 30 years ago?

I was 6.  In the first grade.  And a few months later I would be getting my first sister through adoption.  🙂  I wanted a sister so badly.    My grandma died.  I’ll never forget that year.  I lost a grandma and gained a sister.

How about you?  Share!


4 Responses to “Remember When”

  1. Da-Niel Says:

    Wow, I’d have to think for a while to remember what I was doing during those times. I can’t remember specifics from ten years ago…twenty is even harder. Mommy brain took over a long time ago and my memory is gone. Thirty years ago, I was two years old! 🙂

  2. MAry Says:

    10 years ago, lets see. We moved to Uzbekistan.

    20 years ago I was in high school and very interested in boys and my friends.

    30 years ago I was also in 1st grade (I think) and my parents divorced that year. Don’t really remember much of it.

  3. Melissa K Says:

    Let’s see…
    10 years ago—I was pregnant with Joshua, working in a lab (lab coat + big belly = looking like a beached whale!! ), and living in Orange County, CA.

    20 years ago—I was starting high school and so proud to be on the drill team!! hahaha…

    30 years ago—I was only 3, and I think that was the age that I ate my sister’s crayons on her new Crayola Caddy…..sad, but true!

  4. Sandy Buckley Says:

    Ten years ago I was still working at Jo-Ann’s and hating it and we were still living in the house

    20 years ago – – was not a grandmother yet! and all my kids were still at home.

    30 years ago – I only had one child and we had just gotten a picture of our new daughter (from Korea)

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