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Going for a Ride September 21, 2008

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The duffel bags, filled with sleeping bags, were out because the kids (and Roy) were going to sleep in the tent.  The kids had been sitting on them and pretending they were horses.  They were using the straps and pulling each other around.  Samantha and Matthew got the great idea to attach them to the laundry baskets and pull the younger ones around that way.

Hannah being convinced to get into the basket.

Hannah and Leah getting ready for their ride…oh this is where I should mention that Hannah WAS sitting ON the duffel bag but Samantha went really fast around the corner and she fell off. So Samantha convinced her to get in the basket with Leah.

Alexander just sat in his basket and looked at books. It even got a little crazy for a while … whipping around the corners of the table…and still he just sat and read his book.

Leah was having fun!

Samantha then put on some wonderful lullaby music…and started moving slower.

Yes. She fell asleep!


5 Responses to “Going for a Ride”

  1. Kiersten Says:

    cuteness overload

  2. dangitAnge Says:

    Awww!! Seriously cute!

  3. Dawn Says:

    I LOVE the pic of Hannah and Leah in the basket! Adorable!

  4. Misty Says:

    Oh, that is so sweet!

  5. Da-Niel Says:

    This is so cute!!

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