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Where’s Hannah??? September 15, 2008

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This is like Where’s Waldo…only Where’s Hannah? These pictures all occurred within about 3 minutes. This girl moves quick.

We were at the soccer fields for practices. Hannah was playing on the playground with Samantha. I sit a bit of a distance away, in the shade, where I can see Matthew practicing, and the playground at the same time.

I decided to test out my zoom. Hint: She’s in the brown shirt and jean shorts with pink Crocs on her feet.

This is where she spotted Matthew running over. He was soon forgotten though.

This is not a picture of Matthew. Really.

Really. Do you see her?

Nice zoom!

She loves the bleachers! Back and forth…back and forth…a quadzillion amount of times.

Heading back…because….

She has spotted her daddy!

In between watching to see where Hannah is at every moment, I was snapping pictures of Leah. Here’s just one …


3 Responses to “Where’s Hannah???”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Cutie pie! She is!

    The pic of the kids with Roy. I teared up. Precious.

  2. Sandy Buckley Says:

    In the seventh picture down where Hannah is standing next to the blue pole – – – sure looks like you did at that age! And I would know since I’m your mother!

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