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Games, Games, and More Games September 14, 2008

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My mom arrived on Thursday and she was barely out of the car before the kids were asking her to play a game. She left Sunday to the tunes of “I wish we could play one more game!” She sat at the table and played game after game after game. What precious memories she was creating with her grandkids.

Here are some of the games they played:

Ten Days in the USA
Clue FX
Guess Who
Wormy Apples
Cookin’ Cookies

Samantha typing in all the games for me.

Here are the games that are stacked in my closet. There are smaller ones that are in a couple boxes on the floor. Recognize any favorites of your own?

My hanger rod is really not crooked/falling down. Must have been the way I was holding the camera.

Surprise Giveaway!!!!

Two of my favorite games are Whoonu and Othello. Post a comment with your favorite box game and one random winner will get one of my favorite games (winner’s choice).

Ends 7pm pacific Tuesday!


21 Responses to “Games, Games, and More Games”

  1. TinaJewel Says:

    My favorite game is Scrabble! Hubby and I use to play it every Sunday evening when we were first married! I loved it!

  2. Sandy Buckley Says:

    I love card games the best and my favorite is still Hand and Foot. If I had to name a board game – – – hmmmm I guess it would be Racko or Yahtzee. Fond memories of those as a kid.

  3. C.O.D.A.!!!

    I absolutely LOVE this game!! I hide it from the kiddos so we don’t lose any pieces. :giggle:

    Good luck finding it — it’s not sold anymore.. maybe you can find it on e-bay. It’s a real keeper!!

  4. Melissa K Says:

    We love Blokus at our house, the “trigon” version. Sometimes we break out with Rivers, Roads and Rails when the little ones want to play a game with us…it’s a great game to play with everyone.
    That’s funny about your mom playing games with them because that’s exactly what my mom does with my kids! It’s board games and card games, nonstop!!

  5. Kiersten Says:

    I love playing Sequence with my children, Scrabble with my Dad (and the kids are starting to like that one, too!), and Phase 10 with Sean. I always like hearing your game reviews, especially around Christmas time!

  6. Michelle Says:

    I really like to play a lot of games, but one of my favorite games is Cranium. I don’t get to play very often, but it is fun!

    I also love Whoonu and Othello as well and have both, so if you draw my name, pick someone else 🙂 Just wanted to respond.

  7. rachelchris Says:

    scrabble…I bought whoonu from your review!

  8. thejacobsfamilyhomeschool Says:

    MONOPOLY! I love Monopoly.

    Our family LOVES to play Clue together. 🙂

  9. Kelly J. Says:

    I LOVE games!!! It is hard for me to choose a favorite… Cranium or Catch Phrase probably top the list right now.

  10. Rosie Says:

    Taboo is an awesome game.

  11. st8homom Says:

    Boggle, Othello, Balderdash, Pentago, Scrabble, Outburst… do I have to choose one?

  12. Oh wow, pick my favorite? Love Balderdash, Sequence and Clue. Phase 10 and Spades. I just love games! I love to win! Soooo much fun!

  13. dangitAnge Says:

    We love Fill or Bust. Do you have that?

  14. MAry Says:

    Whoonu is a new favorite of ours!! I also love to play games of any kind!! Balderdash and scategories and apples to apples and any card games!

    Sam and I played UNO last night. (Well his version.)

  15. Robin Says:

    Mark and I are the champions of Cranium. We have never lost. I will take on any challengers.

  16. justkristi Says:

    I’ve got to list some ideas from this! We really like games, here. I need to play them more. My favorite was gotten from Discovery Toys YEARS ago (helps teach algebra concepts.) I just bought Tripoli for my kids to try (they are into poker right now thanks to my Dad–but no money allowed–just the game!)

  17. Beth Says:

    We just added Blonkus to our collection and love it. Rummikub is another favorite. We also like Boggle. I love games. Kylie likes them as well — Snail’s Pace Race and Monkey Business.

  18. Jill Says:

    I love to play games! My favorite game is Mexican Train Dominoes.

  19. Jeanne Says:

    10 Days in Europe!

  20. Renee Thomas Says:

    I don’t see Balderdash, but people mentioned it. I was just talking to Cyndy about that game. I would like to play it again. If you have and you pick me, I would like that one 🙂 Payday, that’s funny. I don’t really remember it, but I remember playing it when I was little.

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