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Marines Return Home September 8, 2008

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*I promise the cake pictures are coming. I was going to post them, but I ran out of time. I was out of town for the weekend and am catching up on my home now. I wanted to talk about this first though.

There are always units of Marines that are deployed out of here. And therefore, units that are returning! There is one unit coming home now. Part of them returned on Friday and the rest will be home in a couple weeks. The atmosphere around here changes!

There are signs being put up everywhere. I see them on homes as well as on the fenceline leading into the base. I love reading the signs!!

“We missed you, Daddy!”

“Let the good times roll!”

“Hey Baby! I missed you!”

“Daddy, your princess awaits!”

Every time I drive off/on base, I get tears in my eyes. I’m so excited for these families to be reunited.

A local radio station, Z107, keeps track of the returning Marines. Throughout the morning on Friday, they were announcing how much longer until the Marines would be cruising through. I was told by another spouse, that as the Marines pass through town, people stand out on the road and wave to them.

I loved listening to the radio on Friday and hearing the countdown.

“Just about 45 more minutes until our returning Marines come through.”

“I just got word…we have about 15 minutes until we see those Marines!”

I get chills again just thinking about it. Thinking about the excitement in the waiting area, where the families are standing. Holding balloons and signs. Children that are jumping with joy! That first moment when they see their loved one…recognize his face…his walk (since they’re all dressed alike!)…and the moment when they hug for dear life. The passionate kisses. The children who are perched on daddy’s shoulders because they don’t want to let go.

I love living in a community that LOVES having the Marines here. I love the support. I love listening to the wives who share their lives with one another, and help one another during deployments.

I love being my Marine’s Wife.


6 Responses to “Marines Return Home”

  1. Heidi Says:

    That brought tears to my eyes!!!!

  2. thejacobsfamilyhomeschool Says:

    Ugh. Crying. I love being my Marine’s wife too. I love seeing the signs. I took Jason to work one morning and saw for the very first time, Marines lined up w/ all their gear getting ready to board their plane. I know it seems strange it was my first time, but my first time none the less. I did get to see my dad come home almost 6 years ago off a ship. That was so awesome. Anyway. Thanks for this. A reminder. Of how much I love my man. Even amidst all the issues right now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Mandy Says:

    What a beautiful picture you paint!! I often miss military life.

  4. marineswife Says:

    “You thought Iraq was hot????? Wait until tonight!!”

    LOL Saw that one today. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. thejacobsfamilyhomeschool Says:

    OH! That’s SOOOOO funny!!!! I LOVE it!

  6. MAry Says:

    How cool!!!

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