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The Young Peace Maker August 28, 2008

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Mary asked me what Peacemakers was. I would have gotten around to it eventually but I’ll just do it now. I have to insert here that I have all these pictures to share with you and they’re trapped on my camera!!! My new camera does not like my old computer. I’ve been loading them onto Roy’s laptop and then transferring them via a thumb drive. What a pain. Then he had an out-of-town conference this week and he had the gall to take the laptop with him!

I will share that I have not complained once about my computer. We won’t talk about how it won’t burn anymore. And the disc drive isn’t working well. And my new camera doesn’t like it. And it’s very loud. And it’s very slow. I can tell you about these problems, but I have not complained to my husband. He buys me so many wonderful things already. And he knows all these things about the old computer. He’s bringing me home a new computer tomorrow! I can’t stop grinning.

Back to the Peace Makers!

I bought these activity books several years ago intending to use them with Kayla. Instead we read through some other books and never did use these. They are recommended for 3rd to 7th graders. Samantha is 5th and Matthew is 2nd. We’re doing them this year. I did not buy books for each of them. We’re going to do them together and just do a lot of role playing. Practice makes perfect! Practice lays a habit. A good one!

The website explains much better what these books are about. The second link shows you the covers of all the books. The third link is a sample of the first book. There are manuals as well, but I decided to not use it to that extent. Plus I don’t have a classroom full of children. Just my two.

We’re doing about one page a day, discussing what is happening, role playing anything GOOD from that page, and praying about what we’ve learned. It doesn’t take much time and I believe that the lessons we learn from these will go a long way.

The Young Peace Makers

Peace Maker Titles

Sample Book


3 Responses to “The Young Peace Maker”

  1. Jodi Says:

    Wow great timing! I have been in need of some sort of bible/ devotion curriculum- we finished our last one. I love this so far by looking at it. THanks for the recommendation!

  2. MAry Says:


  3. Hey, I just bought this! I was looking through the books last nite and they look really good (just a little dated). I am using this for my younger kids (8 and 5) especially. We sooo need this! Jules

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