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Before Five in a Row August 27, 2008

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Tawna recently asked me what BFIAR was. Here’s your answer, Tawna.

BFIAR stands for Before Five in a Row. It’s a book that is part of a company called Five in a Row. The premise is that you take one book and read it each day for a week. And in the FIAR book, it gives you all kinds of ideas of things to do in relationship to the book.

For example, last week we read If Jesus Came to My House. In the book the main character is fearful of the shadows he sees while walking down the hallway.

One of the options (and it is titled for science) is to talk about shadows, and how shadows are made, and we played “catch my shadow.” We also (for Bible) talked about fears and how God does not want us to fearful. Another day, as we read the book, we kept track of what animals we saw on the pages, and discussed what those animals were doing.

BFIAR has an emphasis on manners and daily life whereas the older books involve more actual “schooling.” Some of the things we have been practicing with our first two books (Corduroy was the second) is how to greet guests when they come over. What to say when they leave. How to talk to them while they are in our home. How to handle it when mommy says no to buying something. We’ve been doing a lot of role playing and Alex and Hannah love this!

Here is one scenario that has been being played out in my home a lot since last Monday. Hannah and Alex stand on the edge of the living room.

Them: “Knock Knock”
Me: Please come in. Hi Hannah and Alex! Welcome to my home!
Them: Hello. Hello.
Me: Won’t you come and sit in my favorite chair.
Them: Yes, thank you.

Them: Okay, we must go now.
Me: Okay. Thank you for coming. Please come again!
Them: Okay. We will.

5 seconds later “knock knock” LOL

Sometimes I get to be the visitor. I like to throw curve balls at them…and ask for cookies. ๐Ÿ˜‰


2 Responses to “Before Five in a Row”

  1. Kiersten Says:

    LOL @ the curve balls…sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. thejacobsfamilyhomeschool Says:

    LOVE IT! I’m going to look at it here shortly. That’s something we could SO use in THIS house! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you for telling me about it!

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