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Pioneer Woman’s Brisket August 21, 2008

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I promise I am trying other things besides Pioneer Woman’s recipes.  It just so happens that when I decided to start reviewing recipes I had some of her things on my weekly menu.

So here’s our take on the brisket.  This is something I can eat alone.  This is huge for me.  Usually I eat each bite of meat with potatoes..or dressing..or rice..or …  you name it.  I LIKE my foods mixed.  But I gave this a chance..all by its lonesome.  And it passed the test!  The flavor was delicious.  Even my 2 year old ate a big piece.  My husband went back for seconds.  We won’t talk about my 4 year old dipping it in Ranch…well, he did, but he dips most things.  But he ate it!

It definitely passed the fork test.  That puppy fell apart just lifting it out of the pan!  And I didn’t even have to cut the fat off, it just scraped off to the side.  SWEET!  Thanks, Ree, for another great recipe!

Here are the ingredients used:

In the pan…I took Ree’s advice and used disposable.  Much easier!  See the yummy garlic floating around?

In the refrigerated sealed up tight.  It marinated for about 40 hours…it was only supposed to be for 24 but I forgot to put it together..and then I had to wait another night..and well… it sat for a good 40 hours.  I’m sure it was worth it!

And the final product:

And would someone tell me why my tomatoes are grainy???  I’m going to spend some more quality time with my camera tomorrow!

And this is where I admit that the only reason I made the brisket is because I want to try PW’s version of nachos.  And in the nachos….brisket.  Stay tuned for the nachos!

*Link to the brisket recipe is on my sidebar.


2 Responses to “Pioneer Woman’s Brisket”

  1. […] the Cowboy Nachos would catch my attention. I finally decided to try them…but had to try the Brisket […]

  2. nancycg56 Says:

    The brisket looks wonderful! I think I’ll put this recipe on my to-try pile. Your pictures make it look scrumptious 🙂


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