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First Day of School August 20, 2008

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Technically we school year round. But we took off a little time around the birth of Leah.  Then there was the moving.  Then we couldn’t find the school books.  Thankfully we had started last year early and then really pushed right before Leah was born.  So besides math, we really did start a new school year.  It won’t be long though and both Sam and Matt will have finished last year’s books and will be ready to jump into the new year.

I’ll be posting some pictures of our first days, and I’ll start you off with Monday morning.  It was around 8am.  We went outside and they had a great time posing for me.  It was already about 150 degrees outside.

Kayla, 12th Grade, 17 years old

Samantha, 5th Grade, 10 years old

Matthew, 2nd Grade, 7 years old

Alexander, K-4, 4 years old

(Why do some say Pre-K and some say K-4.  I know why I do!  Because I would say Alex is kindergarten as he doing work that might generally be done in kindergarten, but he is only 4, and some of the stuff is for younger grades.  Like he really can’t WRITE yet..but can do all the phonics and math.)

Hannah, 2 years old


3 Responses to “First Day of School”

  1. thejacobsfamilyhomeschool Says:

    Your kids are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! I especially love the picture of Hannah. That face is so CUTE!

  2. Robin Hight Says:

    I agree you have such beautiful children! Each of them has their very own unique trait.

  3. sidstina Says:

    Lovely pictures! I never get around to doing first day of school pictures and I really, really should. You’ve inspired me.

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