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Dollar Movies August 19, 2008

Filed under: Base Living and 29 Palms — Melissa @ 3:40 pm

When you think of dollar movies, what do you think of??? I think of my younger years when my mom would take us to the dollar theater in Escondido. The movies were several months old, but who cared?? It was the movies! And they were only a dollar! Mom would even let us get popcorn for that price! LOL

Here on Marine Corps Base 29 Palms, we have a movie theater. It is only a dollar. Old movies?? NO! New movies. And the dollar includes a soda fountain drink! We were really surprised. They play a variety of movies at different times. There is only one screen and the theater is huge. Seats 1,000’s is my understanding.

Last weekend I took Samantha and friend to see Kit Kittredge. Cute movie by the way. I paid $3 for us to get in and then another $5 to get 2 popcorns and 2 candies!! What a fun afternoon treat for less than $10.

This theater is one benefit to our military life here that I am happy to say I’m glad we have!!

Here’s the link to the movie schedule if you’re interested in seeing what we have available.

(I think there were a few bored Marines that evening…many single Marines were in watching the movie with us.  LOL)


One Response to “Dollar Movies”

  1. Robin Hight Says:

    This is one of the things I brag mostly about to my civilian friends!! They must think, WOW Robin, you are simple girl out there in the desert! haha But I couldn’t get over the price and the free drink! Moving out here was a shock! So to see what the base offers I fell in love with living here.

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