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Alex Tidbit, Bear Cont #3 August 19, 2008

Filed under: Family — Melissa @ 10:07 pm

Roy and I are in the main rooms and I keep hearing Alex being noisy in the bedroom.  The kids are all down for bed and he should be quiet!  Roy goes back once and gives him a warning about being quiet and going to sleep.   A few minutes later I hear the noise again.

I listen.

It’s growling.

I kind of ignore him for a minute to see if he’ll get it out and then settle down.


The growling increases.  Louder.  And more growlie…for lack of a better word.

I go  back there and we have this conversation:

Me: Alex, I believe daddy warned you already about being quiet.

Alex: It isn’t me.  I am quiet.

Me: Well, I heard a lot of noise coming from this room.  Why are you growling?

Alex: It isn’t me!!!  I being quiet!!

Me: Then who is growling?  (guessing the answer already!)

Alex: It’s my bear.  I keep telling him to be quiet but he just won’t.

As I walk out of the room, “That bear better be quiet and go to sleep or he’s sleeping outside!”

Haven’t heard a peep since!


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