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Pioneer Woman’s Onion Strings August 18, 2008

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I love to cook. I’m always trying new recipes. Pioneer Woman’s recipes are appealing to me because of all her pictures. Seriously. First, I rarely make something new unless it has a picture. The exception would be if the ingredients just sound really, really good together! Secondly, it’s not that she has just one picture of the finished product. She has lots of pictures! I think it makes the recipe even more appealing.

The link is on the side bar and just keep in mind I’m STILL learning my camera! I did take over 200 pictures today and am figuring some things out.

Back to the strings….

We loved them! They were crunchy and light and the onion flavor was subtle. I put some  .. okay .. a lot .. on my hamburger and the whole thing was delicious!!!

One large onion made more than enough for our whole family. We’ll be having these again. Thanks, Ree!

Cutting the onion. Kayla was checking to be sure you could “see the knife through the onion.”

Soaking in the buttermilk.

Getting ready to use my deep fryer….then realizing we can’t find the plug.

Getting the pan ready instead.

I don’t have a candy thermometer, but if you wait until it swirls, and then wait another few minutes, and then put your utensil on the bottom, and see if the bubbles start, then you’ll know it’s ready!

Hmmm…look at them cooking!

First batch done! Yummy!!!! Tell me if you make them!


4 Responses to “Pioneer Woman’s Onion Strings”

  1. Oh.. Dan would soooo be in heaven if I made those. They look just like restaurant onion rings. WOWZA — I’m impressed. Hmm… wondering if they are Schwarzbein approved? (Hey — I spelled it right).

  2. thejacobsfamilyhomeschool Says:

    You know, I bet Jason and the kids would LOVE those! I’ll have to make that for them. 😀

  3. thejacobsfamilyhomeschool Says:

    Oh, and I wanted to say that I’ll be copying you and doing a picture recipe for my tacozagna. 😀

  4. I made them for dinner!!! GOOD! (and I cheated and did not wait an hour after soaking!) 😉 Thanks… I think I will try the brisket too!

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