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Curriculum #3 – Art August 18, 2008

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Prior to this year, we have not done an official art program.  After a lot of reading on The Well-Trained Mind message board, I decided to go with Artistic Pursuits.  It includes history, appreciation, and application. There are 4 levels of books: K-3, 4-6, Jr. High, and High School.  Each level has several books.  You can read more about them on their website.  (Link on the sidebar.)

I purchased K-3, Book One and 4-6, Book One.  I’m doing K-3 with Samantha and Matthew and then Samantha is working through 4-6 on her own.  Now that I have the program and love it, I’ll be buying the high school books for Kayla.  Here’s a quick run-through of our first lesson from the K-3 book.

The front cover:

There are 32 lessons with projects in this book. The first 10 lessons are “What Artists Do.” The next 7 lessons are about “What Artists See.”  And the final lessons are entitled “Where We Find Art.”   To give you a hint, where we find art is in cave drawings, Greek pottery, Egyptian murals, Medieval tapestry (to name a few).

In this first lesson we learned about how Artists Compose.

The next page includes a painting with some questions.  The questions ask us things about the painting’s coomposition.

The third page of the lesson is a project where the child puts into action that which they just learned.  In this project, my children drew pictures of something they had seen that day in our home. Matthew took liberty with that. LOL

The supplies used are “real” supplies.  A supply list is included on their website and the authors encourage you to get quality supplies for your children to use.

Here’s Matthew composing his picture.  He tells me that it is of him riding his bike down a hill.

He was having a good time.  LOL  He did break his pencil from pushing too hard and he was getting ready to sharpen it here.

And with the final product.  Can you see the likeness?

Leah in her saucer was Samantha’s inspiration.

Here’s Samantha hard at work.  She kept turning and looking at Leah and Leah loved that.

I never did get Samantha with the final product. You can sort of see the saucer in the pictures though.  She said at the end that she didn’t like how Leah was not proportioned correctly.  (We’ll get to that lesson eventually, Samantha!)

What I love about this first book is that it a good introduction to different mediums of art.   If you haven’t found an art program for your children yet, I highly recommend this one!!  Check out their site!


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  1. thejacobsfamilyhomeschool Says:

    Love the pictures! That looks like a great idea for art. I’ll have to look into it. I don’t have any formal art curriculum this year. I think it’d be cool to add that in! 😀

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