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Alex Tidbit – Bear, Cont. August 15, 2008

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After an email with my uncle, I was given the idea to ask Alex more questions about his bear.  He left his pillow at my aunt’s house after a recent visit and refuses a different one.  He has been using his bear as a pillow.

Tonight we had the following conversation:

Me: I notice you’re using your bear as a pillow.  Does he not bite you anymore?

A: Yes, he does.

Me: Oh.  Does it hurt?

A: Yes. But he only bite when he mad.

Me: Does he get mad often?

A: Only when he hot.

Me: Does he get hot often.

A: Yes.

Me: You must get bit a lot then.

A: No, I give him treats so he don’t bite me.

Me: What kind of treats?

A: Candy

Me: Where do you get the candy?

A: I go to the store and get candy and give him some and then give me some.

Me: And that stops him from biting you.

A: Not really..he still likes to bite me.

Me: **rushes out of room laughing my head off

That boy has an answer for everything.  I love talking to him!!


3 Responses to “Alex Tidbit – Bear, Cont.”


    I got my parachute at Target for $10 one time before Christmas. This does NOT look like the same material. Ours is real nylon — this one looks sort of plastic-ey.

    I see a part pack one for $50.. it has balls and everything in it. Cool.

    I love your conversations with your kiddos. :giggle: You are doing well with your blogging… keep up the good work. Ü

    I just prayed for you Melissa — just thought I’d let you know… Oh… commercial’s over — back to CATHE.

  2. sodbusters Says:

    Found your blog through Nancy Wilson’s no less. Hi!

  3. Robin Hight Says:

    Oh this is one of those conversations you can’t help but laugh. They are so serious and have such knowledge. What a sweet conversation! I LOVE how he wasn’t doing the growling~it was the bear! They are soooo smart!

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