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Pico de Gallo August 11, 2008

Filed under: Cooking — Melissa @ 8:42 am

I love Mexican food. I don’t like things too spicy but for the most part I haven’t disliked any Mexican cuisine that I’ve tried. Salsa. I love chips and salsa. But I don’t like chunky salsa. I usually buy the big bottle of Pace Picante sauce. It’s really chunky. The green peppers are disgusting! So I take the time to blend the whole bottle and then pour it back in. Based on this, I never thought I would like Pico de Gallo. I just never ate it. It’s chunky.

But I knew Roy would like it and we were having a Mexican-themed dinner party and so I decided to make some. I used the recipe from The Pioneer Woman’s site.

We loved it! And I made it again last night. It’s a great blend of flavors. I didn’t think I would care for the jalapenos in there but it isn’t spicy at all. It’s just right. Try it!!


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