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Curriculum #1 (Math) August 5, 2008

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Last week I made lists, scratched things off, added more items, and perused the internet for the best prices. I had a GREAT time purchasing curriculum for the new year and was a little bummed when it was over.

Ah..but now…the packages start arriving! It is so fun to get new books in the mail! The next few posts I’ll be talking about what we ordered, what I like about it, what I’m excited about, what is new, what is old, and so forth.

Let’s start with math. I’ve mentioned it before in regards to Samantha.

We use Saxon Math. It’s a thorough program that is well-known and gets good results. I have been wavering on whether or not to switch to Teaching Textbooks in the older years. For now, we’re sticking with Saxon.

I first used Singapore with Samantha when she was in kindergarten. I realized quite quickly though that I was only using it because it was new and colorful and I like going against the grain sometimes. I was at a homeschool meeting where math curriculum was being discussed. The one thing that impressed me were the test results of students that had completed Saxon all the way through and close to the end. Not just standardized testing but also SAT scores. Saxon produced.

It has a spiral approach which means that it is constantly reinforcing the old lessons while building the new lessons. Samantha and Matthew have been doing well with it.

I must admit though that I didn’t use the program very well with Samantha in the beginning. I didn’t want to do the work myself to produce the results that I wanted. 😉 We quickly changed that and there has been much improvement on her part. Matthew, on the other hand, has had the benefit of the “correct” way to do Saxon and is excelling from the beginning.

The one thing I didn’t realize is how very similar Saxon K and Saxon 1 are to each other. I would have started level 1 with Matthew much sooner. Alex knows all his numbers and simple addition facts. He will be 4 in a few days and I’m starting him in level 1 in a couple weeks. I have confidence that he will be able to handle it.

If you child knows his numbers, simple shapes, and how to follow your directions…go right for Saxon 1! Saxon K is a waste of time.

So this year..for Math we have:

Samantha – Saxon 6/5

Matthew – Saxon 2

Alexander – Saxon 1

Hannah – learning her numbers, counting, playing with manipulatives


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  1. Carla Says:

    I like going against the grain sometimes, too 🙂 . I sometimes have to ask myself if I’m making the decision because I really believe in it or because I want to be different.

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