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Success in Errands! July 31, 2008

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Most of the time I prefer to run errands by myself (or send Kayla). It’s not that I don’t WANT to be with my children, it’s just faster to do them by myself. I will admit that my children probably need a little more shopping training…you know “don’t touch,” and “sit down,” and “stay with me” type of stuff. Or rather, I’d like to not HAVE to say those things! But with so many little ones, my attention is always drawn to what they are doing, and I lose my concentration of what I am supposed to be doing.

I really needed to make a trip to WalMart and Home Depot. They are about 30 minutes away and so I must plan for it a little better. Not to mention picking up my printer from the repair shop and that is near WalMart. I’m not comfortable with Kayla driving that far yet and I don’t like to leave her with all the little ones when I go that far away and not to mention the fact….Kayla’s at camp!

9am The 5 littles and I leave. First we go to the library to drop off books and pick up holds. Oh great. The library is closed! We dropped off the books and reminded ourselves to remind each other to stop back by on our way home.

9:30am We arrive at the printer place. I get my printer and then the gal takes forever taking my money. I’m still not sure what the deal was there.

9:45am We arrive at WalMart with our long list. I give out reminders of what our behavior should be like. Alex and Leah go in the double stroller, Hannah goes in the cart. They were so good!! Okay..Hannah did whine for a few minutes but a few whispered “threats” and she quieted down. We were done at WalMart by 10:30. Samantha is so helpful! She’ll be 10 soon and I’m just amazed at how she jumps right in with what needs to happen. She got everything loaded into the van while I changed diapers and fed the baby.

10:45am Home Depot!! They didn’t have some things that Roy wanted. Bummer. Bought an air conditioner for my bedroom and a birthday gift for Roy. Shhhh….he reads this blog. 🙂 He’s getting it tomorrow. His birthday isn’t until the 5th but his mom is arriving tonight for a couple days. We’ll be having the birthday dinner tomorrow night and we’ll be giving him his 20 gallon air compressor! Exciting, huh??? 🙂

11:45am We stop back at the library and pick up our holds.

12:00pm We’re home!! Everyone helps unload and we start lunch. I was so thankful for some of the landscaping crew. They were sitting under our tree eating lunch when we arrived home. They helped me get the compressor out of the van and into the garage. That puppy is heavy!!!!

I praised the kids so much! I was thrilled with their behavior and having Samantha and Matthew be a little older is more help now than hindrance. Success in 3 hours.  🙂


One Response to “Success in Errands!”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Wonderful!!!! Chocolate for everyone! Well, not you.

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